RGN Daily News #66: PlayStation 4 Has Automatic Caching; Installs Are Optional

In this today's RGN Daily News #66 the RealGamerNewz crew start by looking through the recently revealed Xbox ONE hard drive space sizes, while discussing the new PlayStation 4's caching system. What follows is a full revelation that Forza 5 and Killer Instinct are not what they should be and that the PlayStation 4 (no matter how objective you try to be) is pushing beyond Xbox ONE in a lot of areas. This show also marks the return of Boody Bandit, our podcast member since 2011 who has remained on as the owner of over 12 Xbox 360's despite various problems along the road with the platform and adds his opinion of the situation as an Xbox 360 fan.

Jon of RealGamerNewz writes, "RGN Daily News #66: PlayStation 4 Has Automatic Caching, No Installs Necessary

- Top News of the Day
- Yoshida Reveals PS4 Games Might Write / Erase 50GB Games While Playing
- PlayStation 4 Has Automatic Caching, No Installs Needed
- COD: Ghosts Might Not Play Without Internet Connection
- Next-Gen Game Installs Are Huge, File Sizes Average Ranging 20 – 40GB Installs
- Every Xbox ONE Game Must Be Installed, Console Not Designed To Run Games Off Disc
- Xbox ONE Mandatory Install Sizes For Over 12 Games
- Killer Instinct Is Barely A Game – 3.4GB, No Arcade Mode, 8 Characters
- Half of Forza Motorsports 5 Tracks Were Cut
- PS4 Virtual Headset Details Coming to Soon
- And More"

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ajeezy091620d ago

This should be interesting

Boody-Bandit1620d ago

The XBOX ONE requires a mandatory install with every game and the PS4 doesn't? That's going to go over well here on N4G.