IGN - NBA 2K14 Review (PS4 & Xbox One)

If you skipped current-gen this year, it’s a no-brainer: yes, yes, yes, yes. Next-gen NBA 2K14’s ambitious new modes each leave a bit to be desired, and for better and for worse, it plays almost identically to the game you may already own. But this edition is not only a smooth-flowing piece of pro basketball simulation, it’s also one of the few games that makes a true next-generation leap in visual fidelity. And when you’re dropping $400-$500 on a fresh piece of hardware, there’s something to be said for that.

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chito1016d1625d ago

This along with killzone and battlefield will keep my happy until more PS AAA exclusives hit the market.

Outsider-G1625d ago

Nice man, I have those pre-ordered as well.

aceitman1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

how is it current gen 2k14 got a higher score than next gen ,current 9.3- next 8.9

Lwhit61625d ago

The MyCareer is what marked it down and that's only in the next gen version.

Flipgeneral1625d ago

Same line up over here brother :)


I got this, KZ, and Knack my kids were with me when I got this today, and both were pretty interested in Knack so I picked that up, too. I'm thinking about maybe picking up NFS on Friday when the system comes out (haven't decided yet, eh we'll see what the whim is when we get there).

showtimefolks1625d ago

I will get this when ts under $30, next years version will really be the one to must buy since most of the new modes will be finely tuned and ready to go. But geat effort by 2K, usually you have to sit through few bad years of sports game(EA-Madden) to get some good ones

I am really hopeful that MLB the show will start next years sports titles right.

One thing from the video view though, the benches still don't look alive and natural and the crowd still looks the same.

GM mode in any sports game is a must and should be finely tuned
My player mode has so much potential, from before draft to getting drafted than becoming a starter to a super star and along the way signing endorsement contracts and other activities like buying cribs like NFL2k5 style

Personal GM or Owner mode is my favorite

EA's NHL has the best GM mode where if you make a trade that only works out for your team the other team won't be doing more transactions with your team in future.

Overall again Great job I will pick this up when it gets a price drop(will still buy it new to support 2K)

Also he is hoping NBA Live is at least decent and brings some fresh ideas to the table. Competition is great thing

ShowanW1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

@Chito.. Should get your games from Target where you get 3 games for price of 2 this week.. That includes PS4 games.

I was gonna go all digital, but happy I didn't know what games I wanted... Now I got KillZone, BattleField 4, and NBA 2K14

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lordstark1625d ago

Can't freaking wait !!!! Jordan's back too aww man even better lol

Fireseed1625d ago

Haha oh god now I have to play Ennio Morricone with all my future NBA games XD

M-M1625d ago

This game looks so real, it's crazy that the thought of an NBA game looking close the real thing is now a reality.

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