Wii U Selected as CNET's 4th Worst Holiday Tech Gift for 2013

This morning CNET released a video detailing it’s top 5 worst tech gifts for the 2013 holiday season, and the Nintendo Wii U, sadly made the list.

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Snookies12962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

Wow, that's kinda harsh. I'd love a Wii U as a gift.

Muffins1223962d ago

I guess i would too but i would rather have a ps4 or even a xbox one anyday....

Snookies12962d ago

Well yeah, I would too. Just saying, there's no way getting a Wii U as a gift would be a negative if you're a gamer lol.

Bathyj962d ago


if someone gave you a WiiU it would be one of those gifts where you smile and say its the thought that counts. Unfortunately that thought is, I dont like you enough to get you what you actually wanted.

bullymangLer962d ago

but with wiiU there is more comfort and LESS split screen than sony ane micro machines . wiiU is just bad ass . even without games because fast internet streaming <

Nintendo = Michael Jackson

Sony = Usher

Microsoft = Justin Bieber

this fact will hurt many fanpipes

LOL_WUT962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

@bullymangler last time I checked MJ had passed away? What are you trying to get at? ;)

badz149962d ago


LOL_WUT has beaten me to it but yeah. you're implying that the Wii U is dead? LOL

Nintendo fans are going to have words with you and they aren't pretty!

guitarded77962d ago

I already have a Wii U, but I wouldn't frown on it as a gift. Plus, these "tech sites" are full of douche hipsters anyway, so their opinion is irrelevant. They probably think everything from Apple is the best.

zeal0us962d ago

What about the Ouya? It never gets any love.

XisThatKid962d ago

Man if I was given a free Smash Bros entertainment system I'd be cool. It's one of the few prices I'll get one at. Hell that's about a trip to craigslist 2 PS4 games the only 2 X1 game I want and a cheap PS3 game away from my real happiness.

Blacktric962d ago

"or even a xbox one anyday...."

Get out.

abzdine962d ago

i would love me that Wind Waker bundle.

Magicite962d ago


so according to your logic if M.J. is dead then Nintendo is also (almost) dead?

mikeslemonade962d ago

I would get irritated if someone bought me a console at the end of the console generation too. I'm getting rid of the PS3 and 360, so why would you get me a WiiU?

ChickenOfTheCaveMan961d ago

@bullymangLer, is that because Nintendo mostly tries to attract kids? :D

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PSX04962d ago

Welcome for any gaming gift

AbortMission962d ago

I would view it as a punishment Lol

"Billy, you're getting underwear and coal for Christmas! That'll teach you!"

Murad962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

I'd love anything that I didn't need to pay for :p

Snookies12962d ago

Lol, even if you didn't want a Wii U. You can always sell it or something. Even if that is a lame thing to do when someone gets you a present...

dcj0524962d ago

I buy anything that has a sonic game on it. Oh hello there Wii U. Peobably in summer 2014 though.

Koyes962d ago

Wii U would be a great gift.. to sell on eBay or Amazon ;)

MsmackyM961d ago

I already have a Wii U and love it. I have a PS4 pre-ordered and at the moment no reason to unbox it, maybe next year when Ground Zeroes is released. This holiday I'll be enjoying Super Mario Bros 3d World with the family. But if I had to add a gaming console to the list for worst gifts the Xbox one would be an easy addition.

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rxl209962d ago

please dont get me a wii u, im a real gamer

ExCest962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

Someone's entitled.

"gamer" and a real one at that.

_QQ_962d ago

probably plays shooters all day

Nabbic962d ago

What's with this common misconception with Nintendo fans that not playing on a Nintendo console = FPS fan?
Maybe he wants Demons/Dark Souls 2?

Blacktric962d ago

"Maybe he wants Demons/Dark Souls 2?"

Because that's a good reason to sh*t on a console that still has great gems like Wonderful 101, right? Come on.

Muffins1223962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

Or gta or any other game of the year game..skyrim...metal gear solid.....

_QQ_961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

@ nabbic read his comment.... he didn't say he doesn't play Nintendo consoles.If you look carefully he is insulting Nintendo's games. If he doesn't like hack n slash,action adventure, platforming,RTS and RPG games i can imagine he only plays bro military shooters.

@Muffins So Mario Galaxy and twighlight princess??!?!

Lol don't defend this guy i'm pretty sure he has a youtube channel and if he is the same guy then he is pretty ignorant, and really stupid.

Muffins1223959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

twilight princess and mario galaxy where on wii not wiiu......even then besides zelda and mario its not enough....if i had to be stuck with one gaming machine it would probably be ps4.I mean the hardware is horrible,the multi platform support is horrible,and even the first party games are lackluster at the moment,Mario kart is the only system seller i see,the new Mario 3d world game looks good but its not huge like Mario galaxy was and brawl can be gotten on my 3DS....i feel like Nintendo is already starting to abandon the wiiu. Nintendo needs to do allot better job because honestly you know and i know their going to get their ass kicked in sales this 4th quarter and next not saying your not a gamer if you play wiiu or theirs not good games on it....its just the competiers it has seem to offer a much better gaming experience

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WooHooAlex962d ago

Real gamers don't play Nintendo games? Guess I'm not a real gamer then... My entire life has been one big lie.

Beastforlifenoob962d ago InappropriateShow
Eyeco962d ago

A real gamer is open to games across all platforms, and will desire to own as many consoles/ hardware as they can.

GuruMeditation961d ago

There's no such thing as a real gamer. The sooner that fallacy is put to bed, the better. But I get your point, the more dedicated enthusiast will aim to play games on whatever platform they fall.

GordonKnight961d ago

Real gamers have all three systems. So you are NOT a real gamer.

By the end of the year I'll have all of the following systems: XBOX,360, XBONE, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, DS lite, Saturn,& Dreamcast

The system I like the most at this moment is the 3DS, due to the software available. That should be changing soon though.

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Bathyj962d ago

Take that Blackberry.
Youre worse than a WiiU.

RefractionHD962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

Blackberry is worse than life lmfao

HugoBau5962d ago

If you got a Wii U for christmas instead of a PS4, even an Xbox One as a kid today, you would cry of disappointment.


I really doubt that, I have all of the current gen systems, and a Wii U, and my kids really could care less about what I currently have and the upcoming consoles compared to the Wii U. Apparently, how they interact with the games just makes more sense to them on the Wii U, and frankly all of the games they care about are on it. Note, this is just what I observe in my own home, just sayin.

MsmackyM961d ago

Funny thing is dude bros don't quite understand market diversity, and the very large family demographic. The "hardcore" gamer consoles are great for those without wives or children. Games like BF4 and Skyrim are not very family friendly in the sense that they are very time consuming single player affairs. Once the WiiU get it's software and marketing strategy together they will do just fine. And besides Nintendo doesn't have the other divisions in their company to subsidise them.

_QQ_961d ago

They would cry that they got a knack instead of Mario.

GreenRanger962d ago

I have no intention of getting a Wii U but I sure as hell wouldn't turn one down if a family member bought one for me.

The Wii U shouldn't be on this list. No games console should.

badz149962d ago

who would be dumb enough to complain getting a Wii U as a gift? I'm no fan but for FREE, I'd take it! same as the Xbone too.


there's 1 console that deserve to be on this list, OUYA! if you get 1, call the one who give you and ask for the receipt! return it unopened, and save the money for the upcoming Vita TV! I know I would do exactly THAT!

Snookies12962d ago

I'm interested in the Ouya... Though only for old-school gaming and video playback... Lol.

GenericNameHere962d ago

So you would have been fine and happy if you were given a Virtual Boy instead of a Dreamcast or Gameboy Color or N64 or PS1?

*not saying the Wii U is equivalent to the VB. You said "No games console should"