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Submitted by Abriael 818d ago | news

Cerny: “We don’t say Here’s a Box you Can Watch TV On;” “Huge audience” for Console Focused on Games

PlayStation 4 Lead Architect Mark Cerny is very confident on the potential of Sony’s upcoming console as a machine created primarily for games, and while it can do other things too, he doesn’t have any qualms in identifying the difference with Microsoft’s message (Mark Cerny, PS4)

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n4gamingm  +   818d ago
wow thats matures lol
Langkasuka  +   818d ago
Well, he's the PS4 architect. Many parents are overly bias and protective of their baby, so close to being released. When it comes to describing their own consoles, I always take his and Major Nelson's opinions with a pinch of salt and "Gambateh!" :3

Maybe 'bias' was the wrong word, oops. So Cerny pointed out a common preconception for the X1 and add it to PS4's advantage. If folks are twitching about what he said, I think it says more about themselves than about Cerny~
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Abriael  +   818d ago | Well said
I don't honestly see the bias here. The other camp does say "hey, here's a box you can watch TV on" quite a lot, it is a prominent part of their message, and it gets repeated a lot (latest one was penello on GameStop's Q&A today) while it isn't part of Sony's message. It's a real difference and he pointed it out.
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Blacksand1  +   818d ago
The XB1 is 720p with a 1080p up-scaled because MS tried to make it a t.v hub first and a gaming console second. My Fios is 720p reg. channels and 1080p on HD channels. When you mix the two that's what you get 720p with a up-scaled of 1080p, because of t.v part of the console.
zeal0us  +   818d ago
Nothing bias about the statement. He's just stating how Sony presents their console compared to MS.

Even I thought "here's a box you can watch TV on" plenty of times. Especially after that conference MS had back in May. MS themselves open the door for statement.
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4Sh0w  +   818d ago
Sure its biased but I'd expect nothing less.

Blacksand If 1080p 60fps is the gold standard we can expect go forward for next gen Forza5 is the only 1080p 60fps full exclusive launch game= X1 the 1st to truly hit that standard.

If we are talking about great games for the primary reason we buy a games console then X1 is delivering the most AAA next gen games, one of which called Ryse looks graphically better than anything on ps4 at launch.

Again I got no problem with what Cerny is saying its the nature of PR to sell your product, but truth is hes downplaying the TV aspect because obviously he knows they cannot compete with X1 in that dept, but to say microsoft is not focused on gaming so far is just BS given both platforms offerings at the moment.

Now Im sure sony will step their game up over the next few months and definitely over the years but micro seems to be doing the same with future plans.
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xHeavYx   818d ago | Trolling | show
AlexanderNevermind  +   818d ago

The truth is I don't need to have my tv hooked into my console. I want my console to be game focused. Everything else is secondary. Respecting the fact that there are some that want these features, there are still a lot of us who don't need it. Especially at the expense of the gaming experience

To even say that MS has more at the start is very subjective. Sony exclusives trump MS... This is a fact. Now Sony has the edge in multiplats as well.

One question for x1 fans, has anyone asked how this will affect the x1's lifespan? I for one will be watching.


Your spot on..
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AbortMission  +   818d ago
Forza 5 the only 1080p 60fps game? Lmao an obviously rushed game with little improvement should be running at that resolution and FPS.
4Sh0w  +   818d ago
Heavy No I wont stop talking about Forza5 because Blacksand brought up the 1080p arguement so its fair to note that its the only game rendering 1080p 60fps the entire game and of course your prebaked lighting comments are wrong Forza5 does alot in game as many previews speak to. X1 is also offering plenty if variety now and with games to come like Project Spark, D4, QB, etc. Ryse is the best looking next gen game, you even don't really dispute cause you just ranted about other aspects, we havent played it so we'll see.

I love how you want to use bench mark specs when its convenient to say look at KZ SF and
Knack at 1080p but KZ SF doesnt maintain it throughout which is a compromise and its not like its a huge open world game and Knack is a very basic platform game. Then when faced with Forza5 1080p and 60fps then its not about that its about the game type. So which is it are we going on res or what the game does? lol whatevers convenient for your arguement.

Alexander I can respect that and I have a very nice TV setup I dont necessarily need X1 to do TV integration I just like that it does and it makes it just a bit more convenient for me to do 2 things and more that I do very often separately no more seamlessly, lol I dont see myself trying to play a game and watch tv but in the course of a evening I do start and stop doing both regularly so this is just a little convenience thats all.
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ovnipc  +   818d ago
This guy its a genius, major nelson its a joke. I want a console to play games, other features r nice but mainly its for games.
georgeenoob  +   818d ago
Yet X1 is currently doing better in the games department than the PS4. Oh the irony.
UltimateMaster  +   818d ago
Look, if Microsoft didn't want people to have the perception your buying a cable box with the Xbox One, they would not have had the reveal in May.
Volkama  +   817d ago
He's stating a fact AND it's laced with bias. Bias you'd expect from a prominent figure at either company.

It is funny though, what he's discussing is a missing feature but he's spinning it into an advantage. A "nuh nuh look what we can't do" statement. It works in the current console climate, but it's still funny.
mcstorm  +   817d ago | Well said
This really is a stupid argument. Even if games are most important to you, don't you use your TV for other things? So by saying you don't want the Xbox to have all these new features, you're basically saying when you're watching TV it's more important to you.

The PS4 isn't going to be able to tell you when your friends are putting a party together, or send you game invites while you're watching broadcast or cable TV, or streaming your media over DLNA, or watching video over mass media storage.

Which console is more for gamers, the one that brings gaming to the centre of everything you do? Or the one that makes gaming a seperate activity off to the side of everything else you do?
LeCreuset  +   817d ago

You didn't read the article, did you?
Death  +   817d ago
At least he is honest. He says they built a multi-purpose console, but they tell their customers it's mainly for gaming.

It's not built mainly for gaming, it's built to be multi-purpose. The message they say is it is mainly for gaming.

Not to be too redundant, but what they did and what they say are actually different.

Microsoft has been telling their customers it does multiple things from the beginning. Sony is the more honest of the two because they are telling people what they want to hear. Makes perfect sense.
Mosiac77  +   817d ago | Well said
Microsoft adding this means I'm getting more for the money. For me it frees up an extra HDMI port and no more looking for my tv remote to switch between inputs. I like how he down plays it, but he knows it is a great idea. You don't have to use it if you don't want to. Now sony fans vote me down but you know is true.
svoulis  +   817d ago

"Now Im sure sony will step their game up over the next few months and definitely over the years but micro seems to be doing the same with future plans."

You do realize as much as Microsoft has 1 more next-gen exclusive coming out at launch, thats it until titan fall? (not including the kinect games and dance games)

and then what? months of waiting and waiting.
cryptkiller  +   817d ago
TV's and their function for movies and programs have been easily accessible for years, why do you need a console to watch it when all you need to do is change the input on your tv. consoles started off for playing games and should stay focused on them n nothing else, that's the main reason people buy them. Its called a games console for a reason.
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Boody-Bandit  +   817d ago
"Forza5 is the only 1080p 60fps full exclusive launch game= X1 the 1st to truly hit that standard"

Well considering Forza 4 had 500 cars and 25 tracks whereas Forza 5 only has 200 cars and 14 tracks and a bump, not a significant leap but a bump, in graphics over it's last gen predecessor? I would hope it could achieve 1080p 60fps since it's half the game Forza 4 was /is.

And let us not forget that racing games are a lot less intensive / taxing than other genres like FPS or open world games. So seriously. Really? If Forza 5 wasn't 1080p that would be an absolute joke.

On topic:
Cerny is merely stating Sony's vision. Something MS is sorely lacking and the reason I'm not getting and X1. Forza 5 is far and away my favorite game that MS has exclusively but it's more of a prologue game than a true sequel. I refuse to pay full freight for half a game.

What's the most frustrating aspect about Forza 5 the tracks they removed will be released over time but I bet none of them will be free.

I'm going to wait until next year and see what MS has to offer over the next several months. Or maybe wait until Forza 6. Hopefully by then they will build a full game.

So this gen I'm starting out with only one console. The one that is focused on games 1st and everything else is an after thought. I don't need an all in one box when I have several products that already offer me all the options and features and some of them do it on the go.

Cerny and Sony get it.
MS doesn't.
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LeCreuset  +   817d ago
How is it xHeavYx reply to a comment about Forza and Ryse gets labeled as trolling? Someone else promoted Forza and Ryse to make a point that XB1 has better exclusives than PS4, and xHeavYx countered by bringing up some negative aspects of those games. So one guy is allowed to big up those titles to make his argument, but the other isn't allowed to counter by mentioning those titles' negatives? And they call this N4Sony.
CryofSilence  +   817d ago
The word "bias" is subject to tenses. For example:
He is biased against little blue men.
His bias against twinkies is irrational.

Please understand a word if you are going to use it.
Kidmyst  +   817d ago
@ Georgeenoob, really? I see otherwise if you look at the big picture beyond launch day.
n4gamingm  +   817d ago
i get your point of view i retract my previous statement, my fanboy came out lol
nukeitall  +   817d ago
Of course Cerny is biased, because he directed the PS4 directoin and arguably the main person behind it.

That is like asking if the CEO believe the direction he is taking the company is the right one?

That is no different than MS.

However, I beg to differ. I believe that an all in one device is far more valuable to me, than just a gaming device.

I like what I see with MS approach about their all in one media strategy. I largely use my entertainment time already like that, just by using two screens cumbersome. Now I can do it conveniently on one screen.

Xbox One, All in One, Day One! =D
Riderz1337  +   818d ago
It's not his fault Microsoft is more focused on providing a TV experience. Also, why wouldn't he take jabs at Microsoft? If the roles were reversed and Sony was the one who messed up, You can bet your ass Microsoft would be attacking them.

Edit 1 - @Logic - No, but this is business for Sony/Microsoft. They're not supposed to be kissing each others asses.

Edit 2 - Why is this not professional? Microsoft put them self in a situation where they can be scrutinized. Not to mention the fact that what Cerny said IS true, they've never claimed to have built a console that you can watch TV on.
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LOGICWINS  +   818d ago
So two wrongs make a right?


EDIT: But they can conduct themselves as professionals no?
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GiggMan  +   818d ago
@Logic. He is professionally pointing out a fact that the system he spent a large portion of his time on for the past few years is not focused on TV.

Nothing wrong with that. If he wanted to be "unprofessional" he could have tossed around some 1080p vs 720p mumbo like most people do.
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thehitman  +   818d ago
More of logicfails... arent they two competing companies? You think they are going to hold hands and sing kumbaya? Its not wrong to say when your doing something different and considered right compared to the competition. When you turn on the TV all you see is ads nonstop of companies putting down each other. Hell apple did it all the time to MS with those mac > pc commercials. Its MS responsibility to not put themselves in those positions to be easily taken apart like that. There is a reason Sony can make it seem like a good thing they are not doing something MS is doing. The core buy consoles primarily for gaming not for anything else.
Prime157  +   818d ago

I didn't interpret any of that article as being immmature, especially since it was sliced up quotes.

I doubt that Cerny was using, "box to watch tv" as a means of a slam. Honestly, I think those of you who thought that comment was directed at you are getting waaay too defensive about brand loyalty.
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Death  +   817d ago
That's the thing though, Sony isn't telling people what they are doing, they are telling them what they want to hear.

VitaTv isn't about bringing games to your tv, it's about selling their subscription tv service to gamers under the Playstation brand. The PS4 will also be used for the service.

Sony isn't more focused on gamers, Sony is better at telling them what they want to hear. What Sony does and what Sony says aren't always the same.
Rainstorm81  +   817d ago

Which company has brought out more first party games over the last 5 years......I'll wait..
Death  +   817d ago
Nintendo followed by Sony.

How many Playstation fans buy all the exclusives? How many bought the best exclusive to hit the platform this year?

You can brag about exclusives all day long or you can go buy them. Not many people actually buy exclusive games. The nice thing about exclusives is you are bound to find one that appeals to you sooner or later. If 10 hit the platform I would hope one or two appeal to some people, but do the math. How many people buy any given game? It's not like Sony exclusives are picked up by the majority of the user base. You are lucky to get 5%. Games like GT and Halo get closer to 10%. What do you think the other 90-95% are doing?
Rainstorm81  +   817d ago
Death that isnt your argument...... you said

"Sony isn't more focused on gamers, Sony is better at telling them what they want to hear."

That isn't possible if they are right behind Nintendo in first party game support. They support the gamer by releasing multiple and varied game franchises..... That my biggest draw to Sony games consoles...Games.... PS+ has proven this as well by giving back to the gamer

At the end of the day people buy what they prefer but saying Sony isn't focused on Gamers is flat-out false and history proves it to be false
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extermin8or  +   817d ago
@death they are okaying ganes lije COD and GTA and littke else. Sony arent being dishonest read the article it was primairily built for games he's just saying it ALSO does alot of thofthings MS make out only the Xbox one is doing... Which is true but he's also saying the reason they aren't promotingnthe extra features atm and that it isnt a focus is because the main bulk of their audience doesnt care that much and would rather have high quality games.
webeblazing  +   817d ago
I truthfully don't see how being able to switch form game to tv seamlessly as a bad thing people are just trying to downplay it whenever they get a chance.
Death  +   817d ago
Both systems are built primarily for games. They also are trying to find ways to take our non-gaming time and find a way to make money with it. Sony did not strike a deal with Viacom and trademark SonyTv because they are focused purely on gaming. Right now they are marketing to their "core" market which is gamers. Next they will go after more casual gamers. This isn't a new strategy, it is what they have been doing for over a decade. Both are creating a single box to control your living room. Look at the subscriptions that will be available on the PS4. Two are gaming related and two are not.

1. PS+
2. Music Unlimited
3. Gaikai
4. Sony TV

Of the 20 Sony studios, 3 have shut down and a couple other were realigned to do PSP/Vita ports of PS3 games. The rest will be split between PS3 and PS4 development until the PS3 is no longer relevant. Sony's focus is being split, not geared towards gaming like many believe. Not a knock at Sony, they are doing what they need to survive.

The picture Sony and many fans paint where they are focusing their effort primarily on gaming with the PS4 with 17 studios cranking out games isn't true. You can look at what they are doing and see what is said and what is happening are not the same.
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IcicleTrepan  +   817d ago
'We don't say here's a box you can watch tv on'

but netflix app day one.. lol
H0RSE  +   817d ago

"More of logicfails... arent they two competing companies? You think they are going to hold hands and sing kumbaya?"

- You're really not seeing the point LOGIC was making, do you?...

Just because they are competing companies, doesn't mean "all bets are off" and they can just go at it like two teenage girls in a High School cafeteria. Cerny is still a professional, representing a huge multinational company, so the bias and low blows, although fans/supporters might revel in them and find them funny, are little more than juvenile BS, and the same goes for MS. Do I expect MS and SOny to go out to dinner and share each others wives with one another? No, but I do expect a level of professionalism above low blows and cheap shots.

Even in a competitive environment, some degree of couth is expected. This is why they have things like "unsportsmanlike conduct" in professional sports.
mav805  +   817d ago
Nothing Cerny said was even remotely immature or low. He simply stated a fact as he sees it, and it wasn't even a bias, Microsoft HAS spent much more time pushing the TV and third party aspects than Sony has.

If Microsoft hadn't been so focused on those things, spending hundreds of millions for NFL contracts etc., maybe they could have spent more on their GPU so that it was closer to the PS4. That isn't Cerny's fault but it shows that Microsoft's focus is a detriment to the primary aspect and reason to own a gaming console.
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nukeitall  +   817d ago

I agree, Sony isn't the shining beacon of gaming they would like everyone to believe. After all, they are so happy you are reselling your games they are forbidding it explicitly in their terms and conditions:

Heck they are even forbidding renting the games, which is protected by the first sale doctrine and what allows companies like Netflix and GameFly to exist!
black0o  +   818d ago
''It’s just that when we go out and we talk about it, we talk about it as primarily a game console. And by the way, it does those other things too''

pointing out the deferences between the the two consoles is pure logic .. the man talks about 101 basics for consoles business, if u find it immature it just proves that u r a die hard fanboy
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Sci0n  +   817d ago
xbox fans there is nothing to be offened about that's how microsoft wants there console to be recognized. The last 3 xbox one commercials I seen had a form of tv in the marketing the latest one being the football commercial with urlacher and ray lewis playing madden then switching to watch football on tv. Its like seriously why waist all the resources on that when right now while gaming with a friend on current gen you guys can pause the game and switch hdmi to the tv and and voice chat with each other while watching the game.
shadyiswin  +   812d ago
because input switching is so last gen.....unless you have a bs4 of course :D
mistertwoturbo  +   818d ago
Nothing wrong about the truth. In fact he says one of the best things about their approach with the PS4

"It’s just that when we go out and we talk about it, we talk about it as primarily a game console. And by the way, it does those other things too."

You read that? Primarily a game console. Which is absolutely correct for gamers.
Mogwai  +   818d ago
It also happens to be TRUE!
MightyNoX  +   818d ago
Well, he has a point. Every ad for Xbox has been "Hey, does gaming interfere with the habit of watching TV. Well, here's a way for you to watch TV."
otherZinc  +   817d ago
Why only 2 (JUST TWO) games at launch Mark? Since you're stressing games so hard.

And one of them is Knack, so your PS4 only has Killzone:SF As a major exclusive.
LeCreuset  +   817d ago
I think you mean "why only two AAA titles at launch?" One got pushed back. What are you going to do? The one that got pushed back is doing more than the racer on XB1, and will be out a couple of months later. Screw long term though, right? Who thinks about that?

The one thing you can say about Sony's AAA's is that none of them give the impression of being last gen titles that were held up, slapped with a fresh coat of paint, and released as "next-gen" titles. IJS, when your flagship title started off development as a Kinect 1, on-rails, motion-controlled, QTE, hack 'n' slash, you probably shouldn't be talking.

Sony customers have plenty to hold us over between the PS4 lineup and the exclusives that were still being released for PS3, such as Ni No Kuni, Beyond Two Souls, Sly Cooper, Tales of Xillia, Dragon's Crown, and The Last of Us. See, when you aren't being starved for titles, you aren't so hungry as MS has made its fanbase. They hold back on giving you games in the latter years of the console, then pad the launch lineup with polished last gen games once you're hungry and willing to buy that new console. Wash, rinse, and repeat.
Death  +   817d ago
I'll be honest, I own all the Killzones and never thought of them as AAA games. I guess with almost 3 million copies sold and a Meta of 84 KZ3 makes the cut.

As for your list of games to hold you over, The Last of Us already was released. The rest are niche titles at best and will cater to a very small percentage of PS3 users. They are hardly reason to go out and buy a PS4 since neither console is b/c.

I've said this before and it is worth repeating, The Last of Us was probably the best game released last year. Less than 5% of the PS3 userbase bought it. That means 95% of Playstation fans didn't care. Exclusives are very nice to have, but they only appeal to a relatively small group of users. If you can't get 95% of the people that own a PS3 to care about Last of Us, how many Xbox fans do you think give a damn when you throw it in their face?
insomnium2  +   817d ago
@ death

FFS you take ANY game and compare it to the entire install base it will seem insignificant.

How about COD with 15 million sold (out of my ass)? 15/80 million is only 18.75% of the install base cared enough to buy it. That leaves well over 80% of the install base not caring at all about said COD. So now can we say that even the most popular multiplat is irrelevant? Hell going about it that way makes EVERY game on the thing irrelevant and insignificant.

I'm playing TLOU and Dragon's Crown almost as we speak. I'm in no rush for next gen. My backlog is long as hell.

My god you are the definition of a fanboy to the core. Anything to downplay the opposition. Every single exclusive is a nieche title appealing only to a small percentage of the userbase. Now if we were to talk about games that DO make an impact let's talk about the biggest games there is. The persentage of the install base that found COD was appealing was....oh wait!

YOU.ARE.PATHETIC and you only embarrass yourself by cherry picking like that. Talk about self-ownage....smfh...
#1.7.3 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(1) | Report
LeCreuset  +   817d ago

1st see insomnium's reply to you.

Now, could you be any more off the mark, or did the point just fly completely over your head? Were we talking about sales, or Triple A games? Would you rather have quality games, or games that sell well? I guess in this case, gameplay all of a sudden doesn't matter, huh? We save those gameplay arguments for when people bash the lower resolution on XB1 multiplayer titles. If you want to talk sales, the best indication we have of that is pre-orders, and Killzone is the number one selling next-gen exclusive. If I remember correctly, Sony's exclusives overall also beat out the pre-order numbers for XB1.

The point isn't to talk about sales, though (even though you also lose that argument). The point was about next gen quality exclusives, and how each company has fared in supporting their consoles with exclusives. TLOU is the GOY, but it could just as easily have been held up and released as a so-called next gen title to pad the PS4's launch lineup, at the expense of PS3 owners. That applies to the other games I listed as well.
P_Bomb  +   817d ago

TLOU (the exclusive you keep namedropping) actually sold MORE this year than the multiplats you so revere. On each console.

Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, BioShock Infinite, MetalGearRising, Rayman Legends, Diablo 3, DMC, Metro Last Light, Splinter Cell Blacklist, SaintsRow 4, Lost Planet 3. TLOU sold more on the PS3 than all those. Even the XBox editions sold less.

So by *your* logic, even LESS people buy multiplats. If theres no point to an exclusive that doesn't sell to 3/4 of the 80 mil' userbase, theres even LESS POINT to multiplats that sell less than that to the same install numbers.

***Every game*** on that list by your definition, only appealed to "a relatively small group of users".

Do you understand now how utterly ridiculous your argument is? The industry would collapse by your benchmarks.

The "niche" comment was off too. I didn't know God of War & Gran Turismo were niche, both of which have releases this year too. MLB The Show is pretty much the only baseball game that matters anymore. NiNoKuni, Puppeteer, Dragons Crown, Beyond are all new IPs. Gotta start somewhere, right?
#1.7.5 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(1) | Report
TheFanboySlayer  +   817d ago
lol owned.
Hicken  +   817d ago

So, according to Death(who really listens to him, anyway?), you only get AAA status by selling a certain amount, rather than by the budget given.

And, also according to Death, the vast majority of gamers don't care about the vast majority of games, because the vast majority never buy ANY game. Every game ever made only appeals to a very small group of gamers. So why should anybody make games anymore?

Holy crap. I can't believe I just read that.
moparful99  +   817d ago
Death Your bias is dripping from every word you type the closer and closer we get to launch.. You wanna play the "sales game"? Whats your answer to GranTurismo 5? The best selling console exclusive between Micro and Sony this past generation. But It was only bought by a fraction of the 80mil install base so it must be irrelevant right? Smdh.

You are missing the point in all of this. Look at all of the exclusives that Sony released this year on the PS3 with Ratchet and Clank releasing today and GT6 coming in december..

Sony could have easily held those titles over to bolster the PS4's launch lineup to have bragging rights and rub it in the competitions face, but they didn't... Why is that? Maybe its because they are a GAMER centric company that strives to please it's fanbase despite your weak argument in the contrary.

I mean hell Ryse was supposed to be a 360 kinect exclusive but now its a lauded X1 launch title. Microsoft is treating the 360 like a sacrificial lamb for the sake of the X1. It's obvious where the two companies' loyalties lie..
Philoctetes  +   817d ago
It's not Cerny's fault that Microsoft spent their launch event marketing the Xbone as a tv box. If you don't want people to talk about the Xbone that way, your beef is really with Microsoft, not Cerny.
webeblazing  +   817d ago
believe it or not a lot of gamers are going to buy the xbone for this very reason. do you know how much tv Americans watch its one thing ms know and that's the u.s. audience look at their marketing last gen, and sonys was none existent
Mosiac77  +   817d ago
Remember what he said and let see later on if they change their minds and decide to copy microsoft
LeCreuset  +   817d ago
Copy in what way?
fattyuk  +   817d ago

maybe just maybe microsoft might change their minds and copy Sony - by investing in 1st party studios to make new IPs.
Clarence  +   817d ago
He's just telling it like it is.
M$ selling point is you can watch TV on our console 1st, play games 2nd.
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stiggs  +   817d ago
@ Blacksand1

"The XB1 is 720p with.."

That is at least the seventh time that you have posted the exact same comment. We get it, you don't like the XBOX One.

Take a break, buddy. You must be tired from trolling all day on N4G.
#1.11 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
fattyuk  +   817d ago
Why have I never watched that before!?

thanks solidt12! that was brilliant!!

bubbled up!
shadyiswin  +   812d ago
once again it was a media event,on top of that with the tv feature it will actually mean more gaming. When i watch tv my xbox is off usually,now it will always be on and ill be ready to always join a party basically anytme im in front of my tv,looked at as a set back for gamers when in reality it's a blessing.

media briefing event showed more games than sony's reveal.

e3 blew people minds with the announcements of titanfall,killer instinct,sunset overdrive and halo 5, ryse left looking as the best game of the show and is still the best looking game on either console. Now that the ps4 is out in the wild my facebook is lit up with people saying they are happy with it but should of waited,only a few are frends are friends are getting both and all cant wait for the xbox one "ps4 doesnt feel next gen,just feels new" this is coming from people i rubbed in there face it would be boring and lackluster,for them to swallow there pride and say i might be right,or im right for now is huge lol.

I would copy there reviews here but basically it consist of the slow mandatory installs,horrible network functionality,born basic and cluttered UI,light bar annoying when playing at night,one friend even hated how it has the same beep as the ps3,just really felt as if sony rushed or took a lot of short cuts but for $399 who could complain really,anyways xbox one 4 more days :)
frostypants  +   817d ago
What did he say that wasn't true? Is Microsoft NOT marketing the One as primarily a TV-watching machine? 90% of the commercial spots they're running are the one with a guy walking into a room and watching TV.
#1.13 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
spartanlemur  +   817d ago
When did wit become immature?
kenshiro100  +   817d ago
Its funny, isn't it LeCreuset?
Here I thought this was a Sony site./s

And Death, you got verbally owned. Your colors really do show.
#1.15 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
showtimefolks  +   817d ago
PS4 is geared towards gamers while Xbox one isn't. I agree with Cerny
SkullBlade169  +   818d ago
He does have a point... I have a cable box for TV.
Riderz1337  +   818d ago
I can't even remember the last time I watched TV...I watch shows, sporting events and movies on my computer lol.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   818d ago
Lol I don't even have cable XD
HmongAmerican  +   818d ago
TV is dead for my family. Every thing we watch, we watch it online.
shivvy24  +   818d ago
same, I only watch tv when soccer or rugby is on, that's it I watch all my other shows on my surface
MasterCornholio  +   818d ago
I can't even remember the last time I turned on my TV.

P.S I game on my monitor.

Nexus 7 2013
solid_snake3656  +   817d ago
Only thing I watch on TV is sports. I just don't find anything interesting on TV nowadays.
frostypants  +   817d ago
Yeah, MS has been pining over the whole "control of the living room" thing for over 10 years...despite the fact that the need for such a thing died several years ago as cable boxes got smarter and DVRs came along. What can the One do that I can't do already with my existing devices? Watch TV and play games at the same time? Why would I pay $500 just to do that?
The_Infected  +   818d ago
Mark Cerny will go down in history for turning Playstation around. PS4 is an amazing console and IMO the best console ever created.
CaddyLss  +   818d ago
It could be with tons of improvments they (Sony) should have done before the launch.
1.Bigger HDD, 500gb is a joke and WE know it.
2.Uploads to FB and youtube.
3.Being able to play/hear music (mp3)
4.Not force feeding us all these different fees for options (this kinda goes with #3), theres ps plus $60,theres Gaikai price unknow, and also if you want to download or have music on your ps4 thats another fee...OMG
The_Infected  +   818d ago

Just reading your previous comments disgust me. Just don't comment if all you're going to do is talk trash all the time.
AirHype  +   818d ago
You do realize that we are paying for PS+ so that Gaikai and hopefully dedicated servers for all multiplayer games will be free to us, right? They made it paid subscription to create a better online experience. Not to make money.
Man-E-Faces  +   818d ago
Caddylss is right, how come Sony is not getting heat for not allowing usb, mp3? This is pissing me off! How are we supposed to import our photo/video/music files onto PS4?

@AirHype, ''They made it paid subscription to create a better online experience. Not to make money.''

Do you honestly believe what you typed? Your telling me Sony looked at the billions MS was making from live but instead of saying ''let's get some of that'' Sony's intentions instead are to improve their network for the good of the gamer?
#3.1.3 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(30) | Report
AirHype  +   818d ago
My god you people...

@-NosTalgia- Does it not make sense to you?... Of course it will make them money! That's what good businesses do! The money they make off of the paid subscription will go towards paying for Gaikai and dedicated servers.

Oh Sony mentioned (many times I might add) that they will look into implementing a way to play music other than Music Unlimited.
grimmweisse  +   817d ago
Fees, oh like the massive amount of services and apps sitting behind the Xbox live paywall. Oh, and what do you expect, download music. Of course you have to pay for it. It's not a torrent service. Why don't you go back to piratebay!

Nothing has been forced feed to anyone.
razrye  +   817d ago
Can you upload to fb.
frostypants  +   817d ago
You still use Facebook? LOL...
webeblazing  +   817d ago
and their excuse of paying for mp is ms does it and they have a lot of stuff is behind pay wall. completely missed the point. caddy learn now that you can never criticize anything sony do on this site.

I had to be the only ps fan on this site that was pissed when they announce we had to pay for mp at e3. everyone completely ignored it because they said no drm. lol they announce it right after drm. Misdirection lol.
#3.1.8 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report
Imalwaysright  +   818d ago
Yeaaah let us wait for the games to show up before calling it the best console ever. Dethroning the PS2 won't be easy.
CocoWolfie  +   818d ago
no doubt, im proud we have have him :')
baodeus  +   817d ago

So before when only MS charge for online, u guys said it was of greed and not because they wanted to improve online a(look where they are now with azure). U guys said that it should be free and you refuse to pay even a small amount of $5/ month out of PRINCIPLE?

So where is that principle you guys speak of now? Why suddenly you guys become so understanding of why Sony need to charge for services, when that never occurred to you guys before when MS was doin it?

Where is your Principle?
insomnium2  +   817d ago

It IS BS that we have to pay to play online. We have the x-tards to thank for that.

Secondly if the pay to play was the same as it is with MS people would go apeshit over that too. It just so happens that they give people access to great free games in the process so it truly is not as bad as it could be. How many of us (meaning on N4G) were a ps+ member for the sheer value it presents to us before they made it mandatory for online gaming? I know I was.
#3.4.1 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Crossbones  +   818d ago
Shellcase  +   818d ago
you sound like that dude hip hop gamer lol
zeal0us  +   818d ago
Shots being firing since February of this year. Sadly MS has inflicted more damage on itself than it did Sony to be honest.
Lboogieskells  +   818d ago
Bang Bang - Chief Keef
danny818  +   818d ago
Cerny's face on the picture ahahah
Abriael  +   818d ago
It's my favorite of his lol. He looks like a total nerd, and he is :D

@Disagrees: it was meant in a totally positive way lol. Here I thought in our world being a "Nerd" was a good thing. I sure know it is in mine.
#5.1 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
HammockGames  +   818d ago
Every time I see him with this look I get to thinking Dana Carvey could do a mean impersonation.
#5.1.1 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
azshorty2003  +   818d ago
I know. Why did they have to pick a picture where he looks cross eyed?
Xsilver  +   818d ago
what do we buy Consoles For? Gamesssssssss and i expect you to market it tom me as a gaming machine.
Shellcase  +   818d ago
Somebody taking shots lol
kewlkat007  +   818d ago
TheFallenAngel  +   818d ago
I really don't watch tv anymore. Just for when Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead is on. Other than that no. Netflix is enough.
CLOUD1983  +   818d ago
What about Game of Thrones & Homeland? watch those 2 also!
HaveAsandwich  +   818d ago
Cerny elegantly busting balls. Take notes.
user7402931  +   818d ago | Funny
cerny's pimp hand is strong.
ajax17  +   818d ago
Lol, bubble for you.
Xsilver  +   818d ago
HugoBau5   818d ago | Spam
AgitatedOcelot  +   818d ago
I don't understand the focus on TV when the cable TV model is not far from the same fate Blockbuster suffered at the hands of Netflix.
Deadpoolio  +   818d ago
Uh NO actually it isn't the people who "stream" Tv on their computer are the minority....Not everyone is into having a computer hooked up to the Tv or watching Tv shows on a computer
AgitatedOcelot  +   818d ago
Uh yeah that's why I watch them on my xbmc media center after downloading them. Or why many watch them on netflix.

My TV plays netflix by itself, I don't even need to start my PS3 for that. So many devices play netflix out there it's staggering.

Kevin Spacey did an interesting speech about how Netflix is the future of television, and I agree with him.
frostypants  +   817d ago
Most people don't stream to their PC. They stream to their PS3, 360, Wii, Chromecast, Blu-ray player, etc. Where have you been for the last few years? That said, the One isn't providing anything new on that front.
webeblazing  +   817d ago
no a ton of people still watch tv. people that stream and dl tv shows are the minority. the thing is most cable and sat boxes give users dvr upgrade for cheap and people now of days record their fav tv shows to watch when they want or can. dvr let tvs shows work around their schedules.
AgitatedOcelot  +   817d ago
They aren't going to remain the minority. I believe that the cable tv industry as it exists today will be dead in under 10 years.

Either they will have to compete with the netflix model or just die and go under. Governments (Canada for example) are even trying to take steps to force them to change their bundling practices that force 100 dollar a month bills on customers for channels they don't want.
#13.2.1 (Edited 817d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
user7402931  +   818d ago
Funantic1   818d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
NewShadow101  +   818d ago
Owned. like i said in other forums, straight to the point. and yea it does those other things you'll spend maybe 10% of your time doing other than gaming greatness.
Felonycarclub8  +   818d ago
Fatality CERNY wins lol
jimmyateham23  +   818d ago
All these sony fan boys like the sony staff more than they like their products. Both systems or made for entertainment and if sony was focused on gaming they would of made more exclusives for launch. Just venting....
Abriael  +   818d ago
Eh, to be honest it's hard not to like Cerny. He's a great orator, a total geek, and a lot of fun to listen to. There's nothing wrong with liking someone.
scott182  +   818d ago
Doesn't sony have more exclusives at launch? They look like the best quality and most varied in my opinion...
SCW1982  +   818d ago
Sorry dude but they have been busy making excellent exclusives for there current generation console, it's called the PS3 and it has a game of the year contender that just recently came out. Let me know what Microsoft has been doing for your current console as of late. Oh that's right they took all there games and moved them to the Xbox One to make it look like they care about there customers when in all actuality you are gonna get screwed up the butt just like this generation and last generation. Wish you idiots would learn common cents sometimes. But you keep on sucking that Microshaft and thinking that a couple mediocre scored exclusives means Xbox One is for the gamers.
jimmyateham23  +   817d ago
@scw1982 no one ever said anything about microsoft i don't know why you brought them up we were talking about sony. Bringing microsoft into the pic only shows that sony has let yall down at launch.
webeblazing  +   817d ago
who cares about some dude I don't know. yall acting like its a hot chic.
Back-to-Back  +   817d ago
Well when your an xbox fan and the top guy at your company is Phil Spencer(aka Mr. Fake Smile) I feel bad you.

Why is it all of the top guys at MS at like dbags.

Hirai, Boyes, Shu, Jack T, and Cerny. How can you not like these guys?
jasonmcee  +   818d ago
Its funny how everyone talks about 720p and 900p games. But from what I have seen Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, and Ryse looks better then any 1080p ps4 game. It must not be all about graphics if a 720p game can look better then a 1080p game. Xbox 1 is the future for sure notonly is it about gaming but gives you a multitude of other things you can do with it. And there launch games blow anything away from ps4 by far.I don't care who has more power in the end Microsoft will have a better gaming experience, better ui, better online gameplay, and by the looks of things microsofts xbox1 720p beats out playstation 4 1080p. So who is really better let me see.. Yeah its a no brainer xbox1
SCW1982  +   818d ago
Ryse looks beautiful but you need to remember a polished shiny turd is still a turd. Oh yeah and ShadowFall says hi.
Revolver_X_  +   817d ago
Clowns like you and 4show are hilarious. All of a sudden Xbots care about Capcom and Crytek. EVERY Capcom game outside of RE and SF were met with mediocre sales on 360. EVERY Crysis had mediocre sales on 360 as well. As far as KI goes, when does anybody play fighters with the Xbox's sorry excuse of a D-pad? Its funny how every time an Xbot says X1 has better exclusives, they only bring up Ryse. They wont stand by DR3, or subpar KI. Forza5 is meh, only 4show brings it up. I hope SSM has another GoW coming, just so Ryse will be shown as the mediocre game it is.
quenomamen  +   817d ago
Glad to hear you enjoy 720p, cuz you bout to get more games hitting that wall. $500 so you can enjoy 720p games, yea apparently in MS's future world resolutions will actually go down not up. 4k TVs ? Bah! 480p is where it's at ! I also hear CRT are making a comeback.
Back-to-Back  +   817d ago
You definately should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. Contacts or glasses are in your future.
Shad0wRunner  +   818d ago
No, instead they say "heres a box that you can subscribe to OUR services...and watch TV on."

They completely omitted the fact that there are people out there with tons of media on external HDD's; movies, tv shows, cartoons, music and photo's...that would like the ability to plug those external drives into the PS4, and utilize that media, in the SAME way you can on the PS3. Yeah, I have a PC for that...but my monitor is what, 19 inches and my HDTV is like 47 inches. I want to watch my crap on my TV dammit, not my PC!

I hope someday SOON, Sony adds support for external HDD's like the PS3 does. Otherwise...I have 1TB of media thats limited to a 19 inch monitor. And thats lame.
Man-E-Faces  +   818d ago
This is what's bothering me Shad0wRunner, but it seems Sony's getting a free pass on this.
SuperBlur  +   817d ago
you can plug a hdd to do just that , what they meant about not being able to expand the hdd to external drive is you cannot install your games outside of the internal hdd .. or have i missed something ?
b777conehead  +   817d ago
you haven't missed nothing . that's what it says.
WitWolfy  +   817d ago
Its simple get yourself a HP N54L and just build your own Media Center. wont even cost you more than $200 to do it.
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   818d ago
Is it just me or does Mr. Cerny remind anyone else of Dana Carvey (even a little bit), especially the pic used for this article just a hint of church lady, back on topic why is this getting discussed so much? Just curious.
Shad0wRunner  +   818d ago
Because Sony, and a lot of gamers out there, feel that gaming consoles should be focused on GAMING as a top features as a distant second. The one thing Sony learned from this current gen, is that most people rarely used the media features on the PS3...even tho they were there. They found that the majority of gamers made gaming a #1 priority over all else. Sony applied this knowledge when designing the PS4. So unlike the PS3, which was a multimedia machine...Sony has now switched their focus from media, to gaming with the PS4.

This is what the people wanted from Sony. This is what their getting. Why is it being discussed so much? Because once again, Sony has set the standard for which Microsoft and Nintendo to follow and live up to. So when people see the competition doing the's a big deal. LOL.
AceBlazer13  +   818d ago
haven't heard from cerny in a while and the first thing i hear is a reference to ms, lol.
Sevir  +   818d ago
Is this really a jab, or a point of fact! MS spent 45 minutes unveiling the console as a TV enhancer, Hell, even the commercials being shown now start out with heavy emphasis on watching TV with games being shown afterwards.

The message MS set forward is why people in both the media and general consumers have gone towards Sony.

It's cool MS has it's vision and Sony has theirs, gamers primarily game, MS is going for a different market, but the landscape has changed and The criticisms they get were created from the message they sent out... The Xbox One is less focused on gaming and more on intergrating TV and Sports into the console gaming.

Cerny is simply showing that there focus is gaming. Pointing that out isn't wrong, pointing out MS message and how it's philosophically different from Sony's vision and message isn't wrong, if that rubs you the wrong way then you're a fanboy.
agame914  +   818d ago
Killer Instinct RYSE and Dead Rising 3 look better then any PS4 launch game? " COUGH KILLZONE" lolololol If you say so buddy lololol must have your beer goggles on homey
agame914  +   818d ago
Dead Rising 3 looks like its on the 360
SCW1982  +   818d ago
Okay that's going a little too far. With the amount of zombies being thrown out it definitely doesn't look like 360 but it still has major frame rate issues and doesn't look super polished.
M-M  +   818d ago
He's not even firing shots, he's just stating the obvious lol. Sony is focusing on games first that features entertainment aspects(it's the last thing they have to worry about, they're an entertainment company lol) while Microsoft is focusing on an all in one entertainment box that does games.
Lordofrankness  +   818d ago
KillZone is a average fps at best. Nothing special. I'm waiting for infamous. Other than that the MS launch line up beats Sonys by far.
Back-to-Back  +   817d ago

Killzone 2(91)
Killzone 3(84)

If thats average to you, you must not play alot of games.
n4gamingm  +   818d ago
Dont want to start a argument but you can argue microsoft has good games coming out that people want to play is just a matter of personal preference honestly. I looked at both console and decide to go with the xbox one tell probably infamous second son if the review are good(order 1886).
DCfan  +   817d ago
*Remembers MS's track record of this gen*
Yea right...
kingPoS  +   818d ago
Naw! I don't need cable box to watch movies & TV, that's what my internet connection is for
agame914  +   818d ago
I guess thats your opinion. I think the killzone destroys any of microsofs launch titles. Ill get an XBOXONE as well in about a year. But to say any XBOXONE game looks better then Killzone you must be bugging. RYSE looks great but in my opinion not as good as killzone
n4gamingm  +   818d ago
im not looking at graphics, use to be into pc gaming seen my share of high end games, nothing really wows me anymore for console. Just more reliable to me, so right know its all about new games like destiny, titanfall(use's valve engine not old cod engine), the order 1886, the division, and many more. NEW IP
srd4484  +   817d ago
Calm down about Killzone. I understand it's between that and Knack since you only have 2 exclusives right now. Killzone is NOT a system seller. Never has been. Killzone looks good but has boring gameplay. SMH
kenshiro100  +   817d ago
Says the troll with three bubbles...
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