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GYP: "This is my example of a perfect game, the kind of game every other game should strive to be. Not in that every game should be a quirky mystery story, but that developers shouldn’t be afraid to go beyond what is considered acceptable and do their own thing."

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Wni01771d ago

Yes more articles about DP, we should praise these games that have terrible controls, no level design and graphics from 2002. Who needs to test their game when you can just fall back on "hey man its surreal." Yes thanks for article #29 in the last 3 months, these are great. Alone In the Dark has better mission structure, hell it has a better story and somehow better controls... is that even possible? Hell, you want to see a game even better than both of these?? Check out Silent Hill Homecoming, (which is easily a 6/10,) or even better? Its gotta be the best game ever at this point?? Alan Wake! Oh shit, might as well throw in Condemned, or how bout Amnesia or System Shock? Nah guys lets do another article about deadly premonition. "Hey you just dont get it." Which part? The part where its a complete ripoff of everything David Lynch? What don't I get? You pepes making honest hard working folk waste money on crappy games. Stop praising piles of shit.

SlapHappyJesus1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Need a hug?
If so, I am going to need to pause my new PC version of the game. Used to own it on the 360 but I thought it was worth buying again.

I'll give you that I also thought, outside of narrative, Infinite was rather crap.
There's something that keeps me coming back to Deadly Premonition. There's a charm to it. I always liken it to a lost Dreamcast adventure game and I really do enjoy the game when I play it, despite knowing it has a slew of faults.

Wni01771d ago

No. But I do need some actual good games to play. I traded both infinite and this pile of shit within 3 hours. Can a game have a worse starting level than DP??? I mean maybe MAYBE Pryzm Chapter 1: The Dark Unicorn, but jesusallah.

Pozzle1771d ago

Personally, I loved Deadly Premonition more than all of the games you listed (except maybe Amnesia). DP definitely has some major flaws, and it's a love-it-or-hate-it kind of game.

But I still get where the author is coming from. They aren't saying developers should copy everything about Deadly Premonition including its bad aspects. They're saying that more developers should be this ambitious and unique. The DP devs took a risk to make something unique in the game industry (despite knowing it had a high chance of bombing badly) and it shows. They weren't just trying to cash-in on the latest gaming fad (*cough*the countless Call of Duty rip-offs*cough*) and that's something that should be applauded imo. It might not have worked for you. But that doesn't mean it's wrong if other people enjoyed it.

NeoTribe1771d ago

Deadly promintion was a joke. It literally looked like a dreamcast game with horrible controls.