A Morbid Taste for Crime: Hannibal and Deadly Premonition

Videogameologists: All these TV crime dramas are the same. Dismembered victims lay waiting for genius detective to solve their murder, and all it takes is thirty something minutes to find the killer. Boring. Well a new crime drama is dicing the competition by proving it’s different from the rest of the slow burners. Hannibal, titled after the main antagonist of Silence of the Lambs and based on the characters of the novel Red Dragon, just got renewed for a second season after a lackluster ratings run. How can something rated so low get renewed for another season? I don’t know, but NBC seems to be on roll with producing smart, quality shows while trailing behind ratings wise. A sad reality, though not for fans of Hannibal. Besides the great acting and story, something in this show reminisces very familiar to a certain game I played before that I would have never compared this great show to had I not read a certain tweet.

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Pozzle1705d ago

Love Hannibal, and love Deadly Premonition. :D