Check Out 7 Minutes of Killzone: Shadow Fall Single Player Direct Feed Gameplay: Looking Great

Killzone: Shadow Fall has already hit the shelves in quite a few areas of the United States and Canada, even if most don't yet have a PS4 to play it on, but today you can get a good glimpse on the single player with this new gameplay video.

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ZBlacktt1773d ago

Shut up and take my money! Oh wait, you already did!

alexkoepp1773d ago ShowReplies(1)
hulk_bash19871773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

@ alex
"Just because you can't afford to be a real gamer and own all platforms to play all the best games, doesn't mean you have to be a fanboy. You can just be poor and leave it at that." That comment alone makes you worse than any fanboy I've heard in my life. Just because someone can't afford both consoles makes them not a "real gamer"? Please do everyone a favor and keep your mouth closed for a long time.

Septic1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

My days...this actually looks mind-blowing, and this is coming from a guy that thought Killone 2 and 3 were nothing more than glorified tech demos (bring on the hate!).

Seriously. Finally there's a game behind the beauty and it just looks incredible. The atmosphere...I can taste it in my mouth! I anticipate great reviews for this game.

inveni01773d ago

This looks very sweet. Has a great Half-Life vibe to it. I'm more excited than ever to try it, and I'm not even an FPS fan. This is my #1 launch title.

alexkoepp1773d ago

Lol can't even be a fan of both consoles here huh? It's PS4 or nothing...

You people are so lame

"Unless its pro-Sony, you are a troll, and not entitled to your opinion"

Grow up children.

HighResHero1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

There you go again.

"Lol but the PS4 can't even play audio cd's..."

"I'll get a PS4 when they have some games worth playing"

Just stop bro really.

Xsilver1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I bet the PS4-slim model comes with an HDMI input...

"us too, we have cross game chat now!, we redesigned our controller to feel more like the 360, we have a camera thats almost as capable of kinect 1.0, we have a premium online service, we have a hard drive, we can play mp3s (oh shit forgot that, lets keep that on the down low), we can kind of multi-task)

Lol the Playstation is ironically like Xbox's little brother even though PS came before. #8
7h ago by alexkoepp | View comment

your a Xbox fanboy so who you trying to fool lemme know :/ just be quiet.

scott1821773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Your comment screams childish troll.

You have an opinion, it doesn't make it fact. Killzone looks the best to me, that's my opinion. What's with the paranoia and "pro- Sony" bullcrap lately... people have the right to their opinions.

hulk_bash19871773d ago

Just went through your comments list and it all point to you being a childish fanboy with some pretty bad views on things. Another person going on my ignore list.

NewShadow1011773d ago


"Lol the Playstation is ironically like Xbox's little brother even though PS came before."


no. if your a troll... then your a troll. your comment had smartass subtext. just because you say its PS4s best looking title, and then bash the game after, doesnt give you a non-troll pass. yes i have a problem with microsoft selling you an overpriced console with sub par performance. Your buying an internet browser/DVR that kinda plays games on the side. if they show me they can keep up performance wise, have decent exclusives, and lower the price i MIGHT consider it. Ryse looks better every time i see it, i judged that game too soon. but dont come over here subtly bashing killzone.

and for your comment, FFVII(PS1) says "who's your daddy"

Deltaguy1773d ago

welcome to n4g better love sony or they take your bubbles away

georgenancy1773d ago

telling people to grow up,yet you're the one acting like a child wow

alexkoepp1773d ago

Lol I like this site because its like I've got a beekeepers suit on and I can just swat the hornets nest and piss all the Sony fanboys off while they try all there pathetic attempts to sting me... I love arguing and you people make it so so easy.

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-Foxtrot1773d ago

Who is Lucas Parker voiced by? He sounds kind of familiar...

cannon88001773d ago

My name is also Lucas, so every time he says my name I feel special. haha

MattyG1773d ago

Oh, my bad. I completely missed that you were asking about Lucas Parker. Don't think he's been announced yet.

GiggMan1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I must resist.

Edit. I watched. No spoilers.

Grave1773d ago

Thanks for the heads up +bubz. Watching.

Sevir1773d ago

Not gonna spoil this anymore!

HighResHero1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

It has me excited for the SP aspect but it's not an action oriented scene. Looks like the intro or something, but the ambiance, etc. show that this game is going to be more than just pretty graphics.

Crossbones1773d ago

Best Looking Launch Title

koolaid2511773d ago

No that would be Bf4 sorry....

TedCruzsTaint1773d ago

BF4 definitely has better character models. The environment looks to be about on the same level.

scott1821773d ago

Killzone is the best looking to me, others have their opinion. I am looking forward to this!

NewShadow1011773d ago

hard to compare reality focused (BF4) to fantasy. i couldnt tell you which looks better. especially with all these compressed videos :/

ZBlacktt1773d ago

I've seen them all and I'll just say wait until you see Assassin's Creed 4 on the PS4. Already known for the best water in console history. Wait until you see it's mind blowing real time real open world. You will be able to relate to everything you see and taken in.

koolaid2511772d ago

Sorry Nba 2k14 would be the best graphics.

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Deltaguy1773d ago

Nope ryse looks better..hate all you want...

CGI-Quality1773d ago

You're saying "hate all you want", yet are in a PlayStation topic telling people that an Xbox game looks better. You see no irony here?

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