Twitch On PlayStation 4 Makes Brilliant Innovations

Game Informer: We had a look at how Twitch will run on the PlayStation 4 today at Sony's event in New York City. While the interface looks familiar, it offers streamlined usability not before seen on consoles.

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XB1_PS41324d ago

This is cool as hell. I feel like twitch is going to be completely and utterly flooded after release though. Hundreds of thousands of people testing twitch out lol.

joeyisback1324d ago

im going to be streaming :-D cant wait to try it out

1324d ago
inveni01323d ago

I anticipate that there will be a number of severe (but forgivable) network issues among all of the different social plugs, especially where video is concerned. But I'm going to try anyway. :)

XisThatKid1324d ago

So much easier to hate now can't wait to hear all about it. at least none of the 7 min videos are going to begin with "XBox record that!"... no wait END with that.

OlgerO1323d ago

yeah its going to be down for the first few days I think.

nosferatuzodd1323d ago

indeed i my self want to try this twitch out so ill build an account

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Half-Mafia1324d ago

Can we use the PS app to see the chat so I can have the game full screen?

Ashlen1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Well I assume your talking about on a tablet or smartphone. Twitch has it own apps for those if the PlayStation app doesn't work. You can just join your channel with those or on your laptop using the browser.

Clunkyd1324d ago

I can guarantee that Twitch is going to crash on day 1.

HaveAsandwich1324d ago

yup. ill be streaming, while it crashes down.

mxrider21991324d ago

Why would it crash? it has been holding streamers for a long time

christrules00411324d ago

Yes but imagine even if 1/4 people try out the share feature. Twitch holds streamers all the time but this is going to have a lot of people streaming all at once. There is also going to be a crap load of people downloading games day 1.

mxrider21991324d ago

But downloading games is connecting to PSN server not twitches and only the people who have internet powerful enough to stream and i guarantee you most of those who can get the ps4 day 1 already stream on current consoles

lets_go_gunners1324d ago

Twitch crashes when league and dota and even worse cod championships are being played. So it definitely is gonna be wonky day 1.

Fireseed1324d ago

Like the search function? Friggin incredible the current Twitch app doesn't have that basic function on the 360! >_>

CaddyLss1324d ago

Too bad from what ive read that, users dont have the option of uploading to FB or Youtube.. thank goodness theres at least twitch.. I guess Having a burger with out fries or coke is better than not eating nothing at all...But then again why even bother eating a burger for...Get healthy...

CaddyLss1324d ago

You know lifting a controller to watch breaking bad is not a work out..J.s

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The story is too old to be commented.