EB Games announces Xbox One midnight and breakfast launch parties

EB Games Australia is also hosting Xbox One midnight and breakfast launch parties in addition to the multitude of stores that will remain open for 12.01 am trade on 22 November.

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DarkBlood1561d ago

sounds delicious lol, wouldnt see that in ebgames canada no sir reeeee.

Bathyj1561d ago

Damn, Xbone is actually going to outselling PS4 in Australia. For like a week. I might go down there just to soak up the atmosphere.

GreenRanger1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

EDIT: Sorry, Private Pyle, I replied by mistake.

Please don't kill me!

GreenRanger1561d ago

Next gen is just days away!

ALICE6661560d ago

I might go for lol's too. See how many people actually line up for it in my area...