Family Gaming On The PlayStation 4

Console launches are often associated with die-hard gamers, and for good reason. Early adopters tend to be the hardest of the hardcore, plunking down hundreds of dollars on hardware that has yet to prove its value. Of course, many of these same people who have the means to spend that kind of cash on launch systems defy the lonely gamer stereotype. With that in mind, here are some family-friendly games that will be available when the PlayStation 4 launches on Friday.

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AirHype1653d ago

Though I am more interested in the PS4 because I am a "hardcore gamer", Sony is going to have a tough time trying to gain a lead on the family market. I'd say last gen they were third behind the 360 and the Wii in the family games department. But we'll see where the launch title of Knack will take them.

phoenix_dusk1653d ago

It's looking like Knack is an actual must have based on that new gameplay.IMO.