A List of PS4 UI Tips and Tricks.

At a pre-launch PS4 event in New York, Sony showed off some of the neat little things the PS4 can do in a few morning presentations. We’ve only grazed the surface with what little they’ve shown us, so we’ll lay out what we’ve learned, and then continue to update this list in the coming days as we come across more neat tricks, tips, and features.

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XB1_PS41266d ago

Nothing too exciting in there, a lot of it the 360 could do.. I really like the download options and that it downloads while in standby, but that's not really surprising stuff. Overall good stuff so far! Can't wait until Friday.

Lwhit61265d ago

I got pretty dang excited. Would hate to be the person who has to do anything for you!

XB1_PS41265d ago

What's exciting about it? I mean most of this stuff was sort of expected all ready.

Prime1571265d ago

@ XB1_PS4

I don't know, I learned that there are 2 (almost? or maybe actually) 3 ways to type. So if you hate the DPad you can use motion sensing - or soon the touch pad. What if you learn to integrate all 3?

I learned the face thing isn't unique to a console.

I learned it multitasks (and hopefully it pauses my game). Whereas I can see the pros and cons between this and snap. Personally, I want an auto pause full screen switch in most scenarios (PERSONALLY).

I learned that you can send voice messages instead of text based messages, and you can attach a screenshot.

Lastly and MOST importantly (to me), I learned that I can share with a group of friends on facebook. This has been one of my biggest qualms with facebook and games that post to facebook; sharing with too many people that don't like games. This way, I can share with the people on facebook that I really want to!

JimmyLmao1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

oooooh i like how you can attach a screen-shot to your messages to send to people

Gore-Content1266d ago

"Trophies have different rarities" I like that. And "...change dynamically, depending on how many people unlock the Trophy." Wow. Sounds really cool.

Plasticgearsolid1265d ago

ya its cool, when I earn a hard trophy I've always wondered how many people have earn them as well

Skate-AK1265d ago

Should go to They have an awesome trophy tracking website.

Plasticgearsolid1265d ago

@Skate-AK dont know why anyone would downvote that but thanks ill check it out, it will be nice to have that tech on the ps4

Heisenburger1266d ago

I'm very interested in learning what limitations there are to party chat. As in what activities, or apps, can I use whilst in party chat.

I wonder if you could watch videos with someone.

JimmyLmao1265d ago

there are no limits.. you can do whatever/be in whatever... also you can be in multiple party chats at once apparently... not sure how that is going to work, but cool!

mxrider21991265d ago

You have to switch parties but you can be in multiple parties at once such as you will be in a group when you switch to the other group that original group will be muted or on hold like a cell phone this is how i think it will work

JimmyLmao1265d ago


that sounds awesome =D

Lwhit61265d ago

Do we need the camera to type with the light bar?

Skate-AK1265d ago

No you don't. It's controlled by sixaxixs in the controller.

mxrider21991265d ago

Does the ds4 have six axis? or is it a more improved 6 axis? bc when i was playing Kz 2 with it i could not turn the wheels to open the doors with it idk if its just a different input for the ps4 or what

Skate-AK1265d ago


They said it is an “new highly sensitive six-axis sensor."

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