PlayStation 4's Interface and Features Revealed

Sony has finally unveiled the PlayStation 4’s primary user interface and provided an in-depth overview of its features at its launch event in New York.

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RedHawk021529d ago

I don't like that the article doesn't show more images or have a video but I'd rather experience it my first time first hand.

XB1_PS41529d ago

Yeah, I'm buying it either way.. No matter what the ui looks like, although I'd really like to see the ui anyways. The embargo on ui information has been lifted so there has to be a video coming soon..

RedHawk021529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I unfortunately have to wait but my cousin already has his PS4. Once the 15th comes, I'm going straight to his house and gonna game all day long with him.

@sckipt All in due time my friend.

1529d ago
XB1_PS41529d ago

@epic Are you going to post that video everywhere? Lol it didn't get me the first time, it's not gonna get me now.

1529d ago
XB1_PS41529d ago

When you put it after the comment people may mistake it as part of your point, which won't make sense. Leading to disagrees.

Eonjay1529d ago

This is real:

"Speed is the most noticeable improvement with the PS4 OS. Whether you’re checking out a video, loading the browser, or opening up a party chat, the system loads each function almost instantaneously."

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Rimeskeem1529d ago

well then just buy the system to experience it : P

xPhearR3dx1529d ago

"PlayStation 4's Interface and Features Revealed"

Shows no new images of the UI or the features. IGN at its finest.

Eonjay1529d ago

No I think this may be real Kotaku and game informer just posted similar pics.

RedHawk021529d ago

LOL. I agree. I only recently started following news really closely and I chose IGN as one of the sites I'd follow but it quickly turned out to disappoint me.

NarooN1529d ago

"Ya can't spell IGNorance without IGN."

Never gets old.

crimsonfox1529d ago

so sleek so sexy yummy in my tummy.

NavydAd1529d ago

As much as I cant wait to get my hands on a PS4 the Xbox 1 UI looks better "TO ME"

Ghost_of_Tsushima1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I think the Xbox One looks ok but I hate the clutter mess it is. I like the simple and fluid PS4 UI myself.

LordMaim1529d ago

That's because at least the Xbone UI is in 1080p. Not so much the games though.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1529d ago

nah no way i thought that to but think about it it looks the same as 360. the pins and tiles man. ps4 looks better to me i guess everyone is different,

i do like the feature of being able to Follow ppl , and seeing the top games being played on Xbox. thats it PS4 has everything else

EPiCDiNGO1529d ago

Do you also like windows 8 over windows 7 ?

Volkama1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Outside of desktop PCs? Yes.

Nice to see civil responses when someone states a preference for once though.

cyhm31121529d ago

i prefer less jaggies and higher fidelity in my games.

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NavydAd1529d ago

I think the way I'm going to do it is have my Xbox 1 in the main living room and the PS4 in my gaming room.

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