Sony Gives Media Engraved PlayStation 4

GamerFitNation: "Sony has done it again. While at the PlayStation 4 review event, Sony gave members of the media engraved PlayStation 4′s. The picture which can be see above has my name engraved across the PS4. The event was fun and a blast to edit."

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conjurdevil1771d ago

Wow I would pay extra to get that done on mine!!

Would be nice to have your gamertag printed on it!


My PSN name is Printed on it.

Bathyj1771d ago

Your name is Antwand?


BathyJ yes that's my 1st name. Why are people disagree with him? that is my name.

C-H-E-F1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Ehh hard times growing up? welp atleast now you can say my name is engraved on the ps4 before it's even released so HA in your face bullies :D. it looks real nice, I wonder how much they'll charge for such markings :D.

RedHawk021771d ago

This is so freaking cool!! I would love to have my PSN and my name engraved on mine. Hopefully I can get that done.
Sony's really awesome for doing this. I remember an article from a while ago that said Microsoft is winning in PR. I lol every time.


More pics of swag on the site. They gave us a PS Jacket, Hoodie & Hat. Plus a Ton of PS4 titles.

RedHawk021771d ago

You sir, have become one of the luckiest men alive.
I really wish I could have my hands on those.

xtheownerzx1771d ago

I've updated the post with more images of what was given at the event. If this PS4 goes missing tomorrow.... I'm not responsible Hehe...

ziggurcat1771d ago

I wonder if they gave one to sessler that said "madam sessler"...

BLACKBIBLE1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Yes they did. he was their with me. I knew him personally for a while now and he's a good man.

AgitatedOcelot1771d ago

I think I kind of feel relieved that Adam got invited and got a review unit. I was honestly starting to feel bad for him, even though I've poked fun at his misadventures this week myself.

Maybe everyone will just calm down and sing kum ba yah together after all.

HaveAsandwich1771d ago

With all due respect, I hate everyone that received one.


My name is BlackBible and I approve this message. LOL

scott1821771d ago

haha, damn you're lucky!

HaveAsandwich1771d ago

you son of a mothers drunken bar hopping saturday....enjoy it brother. i can only imagine how good it is.....

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The story is too old to be commented.