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Sony Gives Media Engraved PlayStation 4

GamerFitNation: "Sony has done it again. While at the PlayStation 4 review event, Sony gave members of the media engraved PlayStation 4′s. The picture which can be see above has my name engraved across the PS4. The event was fun and a blast to edit." (Battlefield 4, Knack, Madden 25, PS4, Sony)

conjurdevil  +   691d ago
Wow I would pay extra to get that done on mine!!

Would be nice to have your gamertag printed on it!
BLACKBIBLE  +   691d ago
My PSN name is Printed on it.
Bathyj  +   691d ago
Your name is Antwand?
BLACKBIBLE  +   691d ago
BathyJ yes that's my 1st name. Why are people disagree with him? that is my name.
C-H-E-F  +   691d ago
Ehh hard times growing up? welp atleast now you can say my name is engraved on the ps4 before it's even released so HA in your face bullies :D. it looks real nice, I wonder how much they'll charge for such markings :D.
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qzp  +   690d ago
what a stupid nickname
RedHawk02  +   691d ago
This is so freaking cool!! I would love to have my PSN and my name engraved on mine. Hopefully I can get that done.
Sony's really awesome for doing this. I remember an article from a while ago that said Microsoft is winning in PR. I lol every time.
BLACKBIBLE  +   691d ago
More pics of swag on the site. They gave us a PS Jacket, Hoodie & Hat. Plus a Ton of PS4 titles.
RedHawk02  +   691d ago
You sir, have become one of the luckiest men alive.
I really wish I could have my hands on those.
xtheownerzx  +   691d ago
I've updated the post with more images of what was given at the event. If this PS4 goes missing tomorrow.... I'm not responsible Hehe...
ziggurcat  +   691d ago
I wonder if they gave one to sessler that said "madam sessler"...
BLACKBIBLE  +   691d ago
Yes they did. he was their with me. I knew him personally for a while now and he's a good man.
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AgitatedOcelot  +   691d ago
I think I kind of feel relieved that Adam got invited and got a review unit. I was honestly starting to feel bad for him, even though I've poked fun at his misadventures this week myself.

Maybe everyone will just calm down and sing kum ba yah together after all.
HaveAsandwich  +   691d ago
With all due respect, I hate everyone that received one.
BLACKBIBLE  +   691d ago
My name is BlackBible and I approve this message. LOL
scott182  +   691d ago
haha, damn you're lucky!
HaveAsandwich  +   691d ago
you son of a mothers drunken bar hopping saturday....enjoy it brother. i can only imagine how good it is.....
osamede1  +   691d ago
lol i am so jealous it hurts
CaddyLss  +   691d ago
While i love the engraving feature..You know whats a feature that i love even more.. Being able to play music on system...Smh sony stop froce feeding us this sony music w.e.. its just another cost and i dont know about you guys but when was the last time you bought digital music (this question is not for the itune heads lmao).
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voodoopickle  +   691d ago
i have music unlimited and i love it. i blast it while cleaning or doing other stuff around the house. and i hate itunes
CaddyLss  +   691d ago
Well i hope for your stake they price stays the same i mean people seem to forget the cost of ps plus, plus gaikai, plus unlimited music on a yearly add up...now times that by idk 8 (assuming your going to be with sony for the next 8 years).
voodoopickle  +   690d ago
i paid full price for a while, then sony offered a year for a dollar a month to plus members, i jumped on that right away so its definetly worth the price
PS4isKing_82  +   691d ago
@ caddy MP3 support for ps4 is confirmed to be coming soon in a firmware update. Problem solved. Retard.
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Bathyj  +   691d ago
That is so friggen cool.
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rezzah  +   691d ago
GrandpaSnake  +   691d ago
A custom job from sony themselves? I dont even think you can pay them for that damn... Great job reporting.
fredolopez  +   691d ago
This is insanely cool!!!
Cryptcuzz  +   691d ago
So mad and so sad at the same time.

Mad that I am not BlackBible or any of the attending media members that got one of these one of a kind PS4! :)

So sad that I'm in the IT field and not a gaming media member! :(

Enjoy the hell out of it BlackBible!
ElementX  +   691d ago
Reminds me of MS "swag bags" that everybody on N4G frowns upon. MS gives away backpacks and people complain, Sony gives away engraved PS4s and everybody says "that's so friggin cool!". The amount of double standards on this site are astonishing. '

I have both consoles pre-ordered and I can appreciate the good qualities of each but at times I have to comment on what I see in the discussions.
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MatrixxGT  +   691d ago
Yeah theres a difference of a packpack vs a custom engraved console. If all I got was a dang backpack while my friend got a custom ps4 id be a little ticked too haha.
JoyiusHammer  +   690d ago
Confused as to why you all got one? Never even heard of Gamerfitnation. LOL

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