Top 10 useless pokemon

WASDUK's opinion piece on the top 10 most useless pokemon ever.

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RedHawk021714d ago

I disagree completely with Rotom. Using the water form of it in a Rain Dance team can help you sweep easily.

CursedHero1714d ago

Yes, but Rotom lost that ability. Right?

RedHawk021714d ago

Oh actually?? I never played X & Y since I don't have a 3DS. I'm pretty sure he still had it in B2 & W2.

GreenRanger1714d ago

The only one I agree with is Dunsparce. The rest are perfectly usable, especially Gyarados and Absol, which are two of the most powerful Pokemon in the games.

CursedHero1714d ago

What? Green Ranger, Gyarados was hacked and reduced, while Weezing got major boosts to Special Attack. Also, what move-set makes Absol useful?