PS4 user interface revealed

Max Parker has recently attended the PS4 event in New York today to witness the revealing of the final PS4 UI. He's now told us what we've been shown early on is a bare bones version of the system and won't fully experience what will come until PSN is live. Please read the full article included.

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gusgusjr1743d ago

damn cutting it close sony,

cl19831743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Releasing it to the public and having the product finished and waiting to be released are two different things.

Sorry should of finished my thought.

gusgusjr1743d ago

was hoping for Sony to do something ala Microsoft, but it's fine I'll enjoy digging around the os on Friday.

Lalanana1742d ago

This article reached 420 degrees with only 9 comments? lol how is that ?

frostypants1742d ago

Nah. If they did a good job separating the presentation/UI from the logic, then moving/modifying UI elements should be pretty easy and quick for them. I don't get the impression they took such an approach with the PS3 UI, but I dont see them making that mistake again.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1742d ago

Xbox UI > PS4 UI now that both have been shown.

Malice-Flare1741d ago

yes, i loved the blades...

Snookies121741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Aren't you always supporting Microsoft systems? Why would you say any differently if that's the case? Not trying to hound you or anything, but I've seen a lot of your comments and they're always leaning toward Microsoft. (Also not trying to say there's anything wrong with that, other than maybe a bit of bias. Which most people have anyway.)

I'm not saying which is better until I've had personal experience with both. As that's what should determine it, not which company you're more loyal towards. Unless you've messed with both, you cannot give a statement like that.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1741d ago

I'm always supporting my console of choice. Just like I did with my PS2 over Xbox. Sorry PS3 sucked for so long and the 360 was awesome.

Sorry that now that I've seen both UI's in action, the X1 UI crushes the PS4's boring one.

And now we have review scores coming out. Uh oh! Knack averaging a 59.. that's pretty sucky. Killzone at a 73... pretty boring. Have fun.

PirateKing1743d ago

Article goes on to say that this was a controlled demo of the full internet enabled UI which is more fully featured then what we've been shown so far.

gusgusjr1743d ago

seems microsoft has the upper hand here. I'll enjoy both systems though because it's about the games anyway. I'll also wait to judge each OS when I have a few day's with them. Glad to hear there is more to Sony's OS.

kingboy1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

At the cost of game performance ,eh!sorry but no thanks.I have to admit it does look appealing to the eyes visually

Blackdeath_6631742d ago

not really i fucking hate having ads on my UI

Prime1571742d ago

It will be interesting to see them both at work. I feel like XBox's OS is pushing voice commands more so than the controller navigation, which has me a little skeptical that it will be much different from trying Windows 8 with a mouse.

I really did like the XMB (minus load times), especially before they started adding too many things. Maybe the touchpad could add some interesting integration too later on.

colonel1791742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Why are always things revealed to the press instead to the public that, you know, buy the product? Sony had this event for journalists to attend and they gave them swag and engraved PS4, and show them its features and all, but the public is the one that needs to see that stuff to make a decision whether to buy the console or not.

Publishers give the press beautiful review games with awesome art, cases, gifts, etc when people would pay much more for it, but instead, we get rushed games, collector's editions that pale in comparison to those review packages that the media receive.

I don't know if it only happens in the gaming industry but publishers focus much more on pleasing the media instead of the consumer. It doesn't make sense to me at all.

frostypants1742d ago

Because that's how businesses have operated since forever.

demonddel1742d ago

unless Microsoft does it than its not business right @frostypants

crazysammy1741d ago

The idea is that these "press" will pass along this information to more consumers. This practice allows them to get the word out to more people for less money.

colonel1791741d ago

That idea might have been a good idea in the 90's when there was no internet and no social media.

Today we have Youtube, social media, etc so that developers can show us the games and judge for ourselves.

Also, what does giving journalist these awesome gifts and stuff has to do with passing along the information? I think is unfair that the consumer which pay for the product can't get those things and can't see the games, etc.

Although it seems that it won't ever change.

crazysammy1741d ago

Sadly it wont ever change I believe. Its not just the gaming industry its everything. Celebrities get free clothes all the time, to show them off so that consumers want to buy them. People that make millions get free stuff. Its crazy.

kewlkat0071742d ago

I Still don't get it..why is everything controlled demoing? The damn thing comes out in 3 days..

TRD4L1fe1742d ago

Maybe they (sony) wants you to experience it in full first hand or MAYBE they're not ready and they're releaseing a broken console OMG NOOOOOOO.

But seriously I wonder myself why we havent seen a good UI tour like what MS has done

Blaze9291742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

i honestly think it's because the UI is not that impressive to show off. They could do a in-depth walkthrough of it's features but what would they show; how to boot up a game? 3 days before launch and no one knows really anything about the UI and features? thats interesting

showtimefolks1742d ago


Actually it's because Sony wants consumers to experience it first hand. Watch the in depth interview yushida just did. He said at soy they don't want any what's in the box or reveal videos because they want the gamers to experience it first hand

Why are people so damn negative all the time. It comes out in few days and we all get to play with it and experience and good and the bad but at least nothing won't be spoiled

This is not towards you Blaze:

In general I wish more people would actually stay calm till we actually get some of these products in our hand to really mess around and test for ourself

Sony has done everything right so far so I would imagine the UI won't be an issue

nukeitall1741d ago

I think, Sony is going to toute their advantages, not their weakness.

So Sony will trump 1080p as they have, and MS will continue to tout their features, interface and community.

Each console has their strengths AND WEAKNESSES!

BattleTorn1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

So we still can't see it?

In related news, Microsoft has put out two new UI videos demoing Snapping and Personalization.

TheFurryPanda1742d ago

you also have to remember that the UI isn't what sony is trying to focus on (as much as microsoft at least). The UI seems to be more straight forward and a means to an ends, the xbox UI has to be flashy and special because they've devoted so many resources to it (possibly limiting game capabilities). Microsoft has to play to the filthy casuals (as my tabletop friends say).

BattleTorn1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I don't get how Microsoft's focus would keep Sony from demoing their UI.

If it's less of a focus, and more striaght forward, n simple - fine. But SHOW IT!

XboxFun1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

And then people wonder why MS stopped that user from showing off an unfinished UI. Not even Sony has theirs finalized and ready.

Both companies want to show off their goods piece by piece in a controlled environment with industry professionals who know how this business works.

Real interesting that many on here are more worried about MS banning (then coming to an agreement) with a user who got their Xbox One early and not Sony still not showing a final version of the UI three days before launch.

Whitefire1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

So the answer is to ban him? The point is we have seen the PS4's OS though not final it looks great and runs fine. And I am just talking about the old builds.

showtimefolks1742d ago

Ms is selling you the voice console UI
Sony is trying to sell you the ultimate gaming machine

Also what's the difference the videos MS releases are also controlled by MS so we only see what they want us to see.

Like I said above give it time soon enough we will have these in our hands. Also I would like to think that within first 12-18 months both Sony and MS will get feedback from community and make UI's better as time goes on

Both of these systems are designed to improve overtime

But as everything goes on gaming sets now a days, it's all about negativity

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