Three More Developers Hop On AMD’s Mantle Bandwagon

Cloud Imperium, Eidos Montreal, and Oxide are all officially jumping onboard with AMD and its new Mantle graphics API.

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jhoward5851774d ago

The acquisition of ATI was the best business decision AMD has ever made.

mistertwoturbo1774d ago

Yup, it's keeping them afloat during their hard times. Their CPU business isn't as good as it used to be, but at least their graphics (ATi) division is doing pretty damn good in general.

Letros1774d ago

Did u know they originally tried to buy Nvidia? The deal almost went through until Jen-Hsun Huang said he wanted to be CEO of the new company. AMD backed out, had a ton of money loaned to them for the acquisition, so just bought ATI instead, and DAMMIT was formed lol.

ATiElite1774d ago

StarCitizen will use that's HUGE!

Battlefield 4 was already huge but StarCitizen is like Universe HUGE!

Hassassin1774d ago

I hope this will benefit Linux support :)

jeffgoldwin1773d ago

Nothing at all to do with Linux support at all. Amd have supported them for years and years.