How Trophies Work On PS4

Trophies on the PlayStation 4 are coming back with a twist. Sony's new console won't just store your achievements—it'll tell you the rarity of each Trophy you earn.

Kotaku saw the new feature in action today during a demo of the PS4's system interface at a big press event tied to the console's Friday launch.

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GribbleGrunger1775d ago

I'm going to be pretty embarrassed when I see that 'rare' Trophy feature ...

-Foxtrot1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I don't see why they have "common, rare, very rare, or ultra rare"...surely a rare trophy isn't that rare if you can get a trophy which is even rarer then that.

3 rare categories seem a bit silly to me

Wouldn't it be better to have

Uncommon, Common, Special, Rare

GribbleGrunger1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Wouldn't 'uncommon' be the rarest of them all? ... and surely special would also be rare. I think they've got it right myself.

-Foxtrot1775d ago

Sorry I got them mixed up

It would be

Common THEN Uncommon...Special and Rare

RedHawk021775d ago

Personally, I prefer the common, rare, very rare, ultra rare system. It's because I followed a site that used those also.
I'm not saying your categories are bad. I just don't like seeing it like that. It looks weird to me since I'm used to the Sony way.


The rarity system is like the one in Steam achievements, you can even brag about obtaining the rarest achievemnts by putting them in your profile, everytime I get a rare one displayed in my profile, I get very excited:

C-H-E-F1775d ago

Very Rare- Gold
Ultra Rare Platinum

pretty clean cut, it's a nice addition, but not that big of a deal.

Captain Qwark 91775d ago


not that clean cut. say a game like tmnt comes out. wicked easy to platinum, that means 95% of the people who play it will get the plat making it a very common plat..

now take a game like ninja gaiden. say it has a trophy for hard and then the obvious plat. few people who play it even beat it on hard making that a rare trophy and the plat rare as well.

very cool system for trophies

kreate1775d ago

I like chipped. Flawed. Normal. Flawless. Perfect...

System better.

But who cares what its called.
At this point, its just nit-picking.

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GTgamer1775d ago

Im a Trophy Hunter and i like this catagorizing not bad it adds a challenge im only going after the Ultra rare ones because im like that.

wsoutlaw871775d ago

Ya i like it because all plats are not the same. Everyone should be able to see that the plat you got is rare and not hanna montana

RedHawk021775d ago

I believe there are some sites that allow you to create PSN cards to share on forum signatures and one of those (that I've been to, maybe there are more) already does this.

I think this is a really neat feature. I have a few ultra rare trophies from Disgaea 3 so I'm really psyched about that. =D

Roccetarius1775d ago

You mean sites like Raptr? They've been using colour coding to determine rarity for some time now.

From left to right White > Green > Blue > Purple > Orange. Which would of course translate to common, uncommon, rare, epic and Elite.

RedHawk021774d ago

Never heard of that site. The one I'm talking about is more straightforward in the domain being about ps3 trophies but I can't remember the name for some reason.

ELCUCO1775d ago

I like my trophies like I like my beef, medium rare.

Bundi1775d ago

Lol rare, very rare, ultra rare. What is this, the Capcom games of achievement systems?
What's next? Super ultra rare alpha?

Roccetarius1775d ago

Yeah, it's certainly a strange way to do it.

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