Robots Review "Super Mario 3D World"

The Ranting Robots release one of the first reviews for "Super Mario 3D World" for the Wii U. How? Human embargo laws do not apply to robots.

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Phil321774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

"Human embargo laws do not apply to robots."

The review is appreciated, but good luck getting any more review copies legitimately from Nintendo.

robparko1766d ago

They don't even play games before they review them, so I doubt that will be an issue for them.

Metallox1774d ago

I liked the style of this review. It's a bit funny.

Deltaguy1774d ago

I love the ranting robots lol

lobocob1774d ago

this is the dumbest thing. but also the best thing. abortion olympics


technically this isn't even a review

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