Nine Cool Facts About The PS4's Interface

Jason Schreier gives his opinion on the PS4 UI.

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Lwhit61712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Trophies are grouped in terms of rarity! Now that's neat!

@macethedon check out gameovergreggys's twitter he's throwing out useful information left and right.

Here's what he said: PSN trophy rarity goes: Common, Rare, Very Rare and Ultra Rare

RedHawk021712d ago

What exactly do you mean by that?? I'd appreciate if you comment it here because I don't have a twitter.

kidhero991711d ago

psnprofiles type of shit and other similar sites been doing it longer though.

Blaze9291712d ago

most of those points have nothing to do with the UI though. I don't get it.

"The PS4 is shaped like a parallelogram." "You can watch Netflix without a PlayStation Plus subscription. "


RedHawk021712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Yeah, it shouldn't have the "Interface" in the title but the author of it put that as the title so it was kept like that.

GTgamer1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

"Okay, so this isn't a fun fact
about the UI, and really, we already knew this
would be the case, but it's pretty damn cool that
Sony isn't locking this stuff behind a paywall. On
Xbox One, just like on the 360, you'll need Xbox
Live Gold to use Netflix and other media

He literally explained that it was just cool so he felt like mentioning it -_- .

Sevir1712d ago

LOL but Blaze why mention that when the editor himself said that the last 3 things weren't about the UI?

more things to complain about... -__-

Tsar4ever011711d ago

I believe Kotaku forgot just ONE more cool fact about the PS4's Interface.


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DivineAssault 1712d ago

good to know everyone seems happy with it so far.. I refuse to watch video of the UI cuz im going to experience all that right here @ home on my tv.. This type of experience only comes around every 6+ yrs & i plan to have it at home as much as i wanna see it in action.. Damn it, 4 days is going to feel so damn long


the two friends list thing is an absolute killer. id never want to put my real information out there to online friends, but the fact that i could treat my true friends list as if it were something of a social network is phenomenal.

tethered1712d ago

That is a great feature!

fpshooter21712d ago

I love the multitasking features. Only double tap the ps button to pull up recently veiwed thats clean and simple

GTgamer1712d ago

Can we do that with Netflix because im going to be one happy camper finish a episode of my tavorite show then boom hop back into KZSF multiplayer now thats Next gen

RedHawk021712d ago

I know. That's so amazing. It's really convenient for the average person.

osamede11712d ago

Two groups of friends is my fav out of that list. I can't describe how annoying it was trying to figure out who is who on xblive after ppl change names 283848383883times a day. Especially after taking a break and retuning after a few months

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