Video PS4 Remote Play Impressions

Greg and Scott discuss playing Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed: Rivals over Remote Play on PS Vita

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M-M905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

This feature alone makes me want a Vita. Who would have thought that remote play would be this awesome? I remember wishing I could do this with my PSP and PS3 when I first got my PS3, but only a few games actively supported it.

Mikey32230905d ago

Remote Play is probably one of my Top if not my Most anticipated PS4 Feature.

They say it might not be the best for quick shooters.. thats fine. Because it is truly context, FPS are meant for big screens.

Remote Play will shine with all the other games, action, strategy, especially platformers, and all those tons of indie games.... just think all these Free games we get with PS Plus are usable with remote play!

Games for your PS4 & your vita, plus PS+ Vita games ontop of that! sooo much vita lovin'

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jazzlover511905d ago

I love my Vita, but this feature makes me love it more! I can't wait for PS4!

Eonjay905d ago

I want that PlayStation Pillow!

Protagonist905d ago (Edited 905d ago )


Had the same "problem" with my PSP/PS3, but I managed to play some Blazblue through remote play back in 2010.

Happy days are here with the PS Vita/PS4 though ;)))

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purp13m0nk3y905d ago

Everything but competitive online multiplayer should rock with remote play. Can't wait to curl up in bed with a Vita on a cold morning and still be able to enjoy PS4 awesomeness.

Can see this causing some arguments with the Missus though lol!

matrixman92905d ago

cant wait until I eat taco bell one night, get stomach cramps, and sit on the toilet while I continue to play assassins creed 4.

YoungPlex905d ago

Okay a little latency but I'm sure that with a little bit of work and a few patches they could make it a better. Either-way I'm super excited for this feature!!!

pwnsause_returns905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

the latency that you see from BF4 is because BF4 is running at 60fps on PS4 while it beams Remote play streaming at 30fps. add or subtract network latency from there. its still awesome, it works, and it works damn good. this was the reason why i bought the vita when it launched, cause i knew somehow they were going to make it work on next-gen.

DivineAssault 905d ago

i feel so much better about my doubts.. Damn i cant wait & im glad im a proud owner of a vita already so ill be using this baby to its fullest!! PS FTW!

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