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Video PS4 Remote Play Impressions

Greg and Scott discuss playing Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed: Rivals over Remote Play on PS Vita (Battlefield 4, Need For Speed: Rivals, PS Vita, PS4)

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M-M  +   625d ago
This feature alone makes me want a Vita. Who would have thought that remote play would be this awesome? I remember wishing I could do this with my PSP and PS3 when I first got my PS3, but only a few games actively supported it.
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Mikey32230  +   625d ago
Remote Play is probably one of my Top if not my Most anticipated PS4 Feature.

They say it might not be the best for quick shooters.. thats fine. Because it is truly context, FPS are meant for big screens.

Remote Play will shine with all the other games, action, strategy, especially platformers, and all those tons of indie games.... just think all these Free games we get with PS Plus are usable with remote play!

Games for your PS4 & your vita, plus PS+ Vita games ontop of that! sooo much vita lovin'
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jazzlover511  +   625d ago
I love my Vita, but this feature makes me love it more! I can't wait for PS4!
Eonjay  +   625d ago
I want that PlayStation Pillow!
Protagonist  +   625d ago

Had the same "problem" with my PSP/PS3, but I managed to play some Blazblue through remote play back in 2010.

Happy days are here with the PS Vita/PS4 though ;)))
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Mikey32230  +   625d ago
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purp13m0nk3y  +   625d ago
Everything but competitive online multiplayer should rock with remote play. Can't wait to curl up in bed with a Vita on a cold morning and still be able to enjoy PS4 awesomeness.

Can see this causing some arguments with the Missus though lol!
matrixman92  +   625d ago
cant wait until I eat taco bell one night, get stomach cramps, and sit on the toilet while I continue to play assassins creed 4.

purp13m0nk3y  +   624d ago
Lol ewwww :-)
YoungPlex  +   625d ago
Okay a little latency but I'm sure that with a little bit of work and a few patches they could make it a better. Either-way I'm super excited for this feature!!!
pwnsause_returns  +   625d ago
the latency that you see from BF4 is because BF4 is running at 60fps on PS4 while it beams Remote play streaming at 30fps. add or subtract network latency from there. its still awesome, it works, and it works damn good. this was the reason why i bought the vita when it launched, cause i knew somehow they were going to make it work on next-gen.
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DivineAssault  +   625d ago
i feel so much better about my doubts.. Damn i cant wait & im glad im a proud owner of a vita already so ill be using this baby to its fullest!! PS FTW!
Sevir  +   625d ago
The Vita has its second life! and I love it!! Cant wait!
nominal266  +   625d ago
Not bad! I will most likely use this to play from my bed, even though the ps4 will be just below me at my desk! hahaha
D0UbleF_  +   625d ago
Yes, my Vita has been endlesly waiting for this.

Enjoyable hours on the toilet with nextgen goodness in my hands! YES!
scott182  +   625d ago
This truly sets Vita apart from other mobile gaming devices, I love this feature.
Scatpants  +   625d ago
My wife like to watch stupid shows on TV. This will be perfect for when shes doing that.
rezzah  +   625d ago
I'm usually at a relative's house, so while my PS4 is at home I can still play through my Vita.
XB1_PS4  +   625d ago
Can you? I didn't know you can take it to another wifi.
rezzah  +   625d ago
Really? I thought you would be able to access your system outside of your house...
XB1_PS4  +   625d ago
I was asking you, lol. I'm not sure if you can or not!
awesomeperson  +   625d ago
I believe it has been confirmed that as long as you're on wifi, you can play.

However, performance may vary drastically, as it is effectively streaming the game so would need a good internet connection on both areas through which the data is travelling.
im pretty sure you can, but i don't think it's recommended, maybe it wont run as smoothly, maybe it will
rayzorn  +   625d ago
yeah you can play it anywhere at least that is what they are saying.

anyplace with wifi. cant wait it looks good.

just have to have the game in the ps4. the vita is even suppost to be able to turn the ps4 on when you want to start remote play.
C-H-E-F  +   625d ago
I believe wherever you are, you just need really good internet speeds for it to work appropriately. I will be testing this out whenever I can put down the ds4/vita and leave the house haha.
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Sci0n  +   625d ago
guys hurry up and pick those vitas up they are well worth every penny! If you are tired after a long day of work you don't even have to jump into gaming right away you can just join a chat from your vita with your friends on the PS4 and kick it for a bit before you decide what you want to play.
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Sadist3  +   625d ago
I have a life, so I don't need to play games 24/7. If I'm not playing games on my TV, I'm just doing something else, like y'know, weight lifting, working, drinking with friends. If you're not in front if your TV, just do something else besides playing games
Ace_Pheonix  +   625d ago
Or you could, you know, do that stuff and play an awesome game at the same time. The gym is boring as ****. Now it doesn't have to be.
_FantasmA_  +   624d ago
Gym boring?? Okay you've lost your mind. I'd rather workout that play games, because as much as I love gaming, I don't really accomplish anything in the virtual world that is going to help me get laid in the real world like looking buff will.
jon1234  +   625d ago
i always find it funny how people come around gaming sites saying they have lives, putting other people in one way or another.

good for you, no one cares about your life, people are excited for this feature because it can come in handy when other people are out enjoying their lives.
Sci0n  +   625d ago
That dude is madd btchmade I never pay his comments any attention.
imXify  +   625d ago
Weight lifting and driking ? Great balance ! 8D
fifa14coins  +   625d ago
I love it , can't wait.
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Grave  +   625d ago
This is next gen.
Mrgolden79  +   624d ago
This is SPARTA!!!
xavierbigdaddy1972  +   624d ago
Cannot wait, my vita was for Netflix watching. No i can finally game the right way. Thank you see sony
MasterCornholio  +   624d ago
I'm going to fool people by playing graphically instenstive PS4 games on my vita while I'm at UNI. Its going to be hilarious when I tell them that the Vita is more powerful than the PS3.


Nexus 7 2013
Sci0n  +   624d ago
allot of minds will be blown lol.

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