Children of the Resolution

Is 720p really as good as 1080p? Jimquisition argues that you can't fool the children of the resolution. Also, this whole controversy is really quite funny, when you consider the ironic bit.

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yewles11776d ago

Why do people keep saying graphics don't matter when they keep buying newer and better hardware anyway?

Fireseed1775d ago

Simple.We want our games to look better and be capable of better performance. BUT it's not the end all be all. I know this makes concept makes people's heads spin so I'll break it down for ya real simple like. Here I'll detail an experience encountered by me and how a rational person goes about it... and how a brainless resolution griping drone goes about it.

1) I want a new Killer Instinct.

2) A new Killer Instinct is announced.

3) I play said Killer Instinct. And it looks beautiful in motion. As well as EXTREMELY fun and so addicting that he can't wait till launch day to play it.

4) Find out that Killer Instinct is actually running at 720p

NOW here's where the path of our young hero comes to a fork in the road and he has to make a choice. He can either...

A) Spazz out, declare the death of the console in question, cry his heart out that "It haz 2 b in 1080p!!!!!1", proclaim that the game is ruined forever and ever and go on about saying how superior the console without KI is on it.


B) Go back to stage 3 and remember how fun and good it looked regardless of knowing how many "tetrisflops to the gigglebits you can get on you SCRAMdrives blast processor."

See? It's really that simple to understand :)

Would I like to see the new KI in 1080p with higher res textures? Yeah, sure. Am I going to switch consoles and be without it and the other games I look forward to just because of that? What? Are you out of your friggin mind?!?!

OsirisBlack1774d ago

I agree with you completely and am buying XB1 just for KI and Titanfall. I am also excitedly waiting on Thursday night so I can pick up my PS4 which is probably going to get more use this generation as I am buying all my multiplats there. There are some XB1 Exclusives that you cannot complain about being 720p seeing as they are only on XB1 would I also like better textures and 1080p on XB1 yes I would. Is it a deal breaker? no it is not.

Nabbic1774d ago

Games are beautiful in motion last gen, and the PS3 is having a lot more exclusives pumped into it.

If graphical capabilities aren't the end of the world, why not consider a last gen console?

BABY-JEDI1774d ago

I get your point & I'm fine with it. But this is next gen. If a dev is working on the same game on 2 different consoles. I will have a preference for the one with a better resolution. That's just me, but it is a big selling point for me. Some games stylistically/cartoony would work fine on less resolution, but not all games.

hay1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

People psychologically need sense or proof of improvement, going forward. Our brain actively filters out repetitive, pointless impulses, making us crave for anything that's new or fresh and dislike repetitiveness. (En|De)code different proteins, simulate different outcomes and enrich one's existence.
Graphics, in gaming, is pretty much the ONLY thing that gets improved, and that's the main reason why people are interested in it.
If your next Call of Duty or Battlefield plays the same as previous, your new Need for Speed handles the same as Burnout, new Assassin's Creed as old one, well, it better have some updated graphics then!

We have been fed with very little improvement in gaming for the past 10 years to improve corporate cost-to-profit ratio. IMO, the only reason why we still pay attention to visuals.
Older games had visuals, and overall gameplay improvements, now, we're fed with leftovers of that era.

Speaking of resolution, I used to have mid-range PC for most of time and had to chose, over medium-to-low-fps-and-level-of -detail BUT 1080p and anti-aliased high level at 720p.
Performance to visuals ratio, 720p+AA performes MUCH, MUCH better with a bit lower hadware requirements having barely worse visual fidelity.

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jackanderson19851775d ago

because the older hardware can't play the new games coming out?

starchild1774d ago

You act like the only reason to get new consoles is to get higher resolutions.

There are a lot of reasons people buy consoles, and none of them have ever been about getting the most cutting edge graphics. The PC is the platform for people like me that care a lot about fidelity.

No matter which console you get you have to accept compromises. But people play on consoles for the games, the ease of use, and the ecosystems and features. People are clearly going to have different preferences about exactly which games and features offer the best option for themselves.

DrRobotnik1775d ago

First it was Bit wars, then it turned into the RAM wars. Now it's a Resolutionary war. War...war never changes.

Mister_G1774d ago

What's it good far? Absolutely nothing. Huh!

hay1774d ago

Because some dudes feel entitled to be better than other dudes.

RevXM1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

War has changed!
- Snake

Well there is always going to be a "war" though.
Technology have advanced to a point where the technical features and computational grunt matters more than a "single" thing which almost seeem to have been the deciding factor of power like in the bit era.

I dont think either console looks to be particulary high spec, but they are very functional and hold a lot of potential. Id say they are both going to be obselete faster than both 360 and Ps3 but they will be good for a while, I mean both PS3 nd 360 have had abnormally much life in them. Looking at the visuals Ps3 is pumping out its safe to say DAMN that is dinosaur hardware with some serious grunt in it.

Ps3 is still kicking far into its 7th year.
Cant wait for what is in store for us with the Ps4, but I suspect Ps5 will come around sooner than Ps4 did.

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Muffins12231775d ago

Yea,i play on pc i notice a huge difference with 1080p compared too 720 and 900(the resolution that xbox one seems to have,unlike ps4 which most games 1080p) may look a little better but it wont look that much better than 720p....

ambientFLIER1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Except you sit two inches away from your display AND the 720P isn't upscaled, which splits the difference between 720 and 1080...TV gamers won't really notice.

And there is no way in hell anyone is going to see the difference between upscaled 900P and native 1080P. That's too close.

Muffins12231773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Well im sure if they play games at native 1080p for awhile and switch back to native 720p they will notice difference.Theres a decent amount of HD games on this generation..halo 4 is native 720 and ive seen a few native 1080p sport games on console.

Nerdmaster1774d ago

Does anybody here knows Dragon's Dogma resolution and framerate? I got it for "free" on PS+, but the resolution and framerate are so bad that I don't think I'll keep playing it. Either it's less than 720p and less than 30fps, or I'm just used to play action RPGs on PC and it feels worse to me than it really is.

felidae1774d ago

play this game on the 360 man ... smooth as butter!

DestinyHeroDoomlord1774d ago

Did I just hear you complain... about a free game!?

Nerdmaster1774d ago

You mean "free" game. I paid 50$ for my PS+ subscription and if I don't renew it, I lose the game. That's why I always say "free" when talking about PS+ "free" games.

Even if it was really free, you're saying I couldn't complain about its problems? If they decided to "give" us Naughty Bear I would have to pretend that it's a great game?

DestinyHeroDoomlord1774d ago

Just joking... (but I do like naughty bear;)

cyhm31121774d ago

we need independent people like him to tell the truth to the public.

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