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Video PS4 Remote Play Battlefield 4

See the epic FPS running on PS Vita. (Battlefield 4, PS Vita, PS4)

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logan_izer10  +   445d ago
cleft5  +   445d ago
Great use of technology, definitely will need to pick up a Vita in the future now.
Baylex  +   445d ago
Good thing I already own one :D
This stuff is AMAZING!!!!! Just need to make sure I have a good internet connection and I'm done :D
0ut1awed  +   444d ago
You can find them super cheap on ebay/craigslist. That's how I found my buddys and my own Vita in like new condition for around $120 each. They came with a few extras too. Just do some research.

I've said this many times but I will continue to do so. Just trying to spread the Vita love for anyone on the fence. :)
That's sick. I was never really interested in remote play but it does look good. Insignificant lag.
jhoward585  +   445d ago

Runs beautifully...no hiccups.
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RyanShutup  +   445d ago
aceitman  +   445d ago
@ ryanshutup sony says http://www.youtube.com/watc...
chrispseuphoria  +   445d ago
Please do! It needs more games!
Beastforlifenoob  +   445d ago
but you cant play it on 3g/4g networks apparently, so whats the purpose unless someone else?
kingPoS  +   445d ago
Lets say your workplace has a business class internet connection of 100mb/75mb. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of that. (during breaks of course)

Gateway MT6706 2008
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Beastforlifenoob  +   445d ago
No, hahah its locked to your home network that your ps4 is conencted to. so you need to bring your ps4 to work too lol... IM buying a ps4 but not buying it for remote play.
0ut1awed  +   444d ago
First of all, you asked what's the purpose if 3g/4g isn't capable. That's kind of a silly question. Sure you can't connect to it on the road or maybe when you're out camping. Still wifi is almost everywhere in our world at this point. I can think of a endless number of times and places that I could connect to my Vita away from home.

As for 3g/4g, you can't play it on the 3g Vita which totally makes sense. You can technically connect it to 4g via a mifi device or tethering it to your 4g phone. It probably wouldn't be playable though even if it actually connected because of the terrible latency associated with cellular networks.

Any standard home connection over 10mbps down should be fine (in theory) to connect your Vita back to your PS4 at home.

As you brought up though, one of the main concerns is your home network upload speed where your PS4 is physically located. You probably need at least a 10mbps upload speed on your home network for it to work and be playable.

That's the issue and that's also why Sony's official stance on remote play outside your home network is vague. Sadly not a lot of home connections have decent upload speeds. For example I'm currently getting the best I can get for $100 a month and it's even labeled "business" class. Even so while I have a 50mbps down speed, my up speed is only 3mbps...

So right now most home connections won't support remote play on the go. Hopefully that will change very very soon with ISPs like google fiber exploding outward. Even comcast and fios are offering larger upload speeds.
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Themba76  +   445d ago
now i need to get a vita.
Sevir  +   445d ago
Looks fantastic! My Vita and PS4 will make an excellent combo! Totally ready for Next generation.
cell989  +   445d ago
smooth and the framerate is not affected, wow
boeso  +   445d ago
Good. God.

Wow. Sale!
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BX81  +   445d ago
I don't know if I would get a vita just for this. Too much money for a smaller screen. The games on vita do look sweet. Especially uncharted, easily my favorite handheld game of all time.
SuperBlur  +   445d ago
Wait for vita tv. Roughly in the 100$ price range and it does the same thing on any screen hdmi capable
SheenuTheLegend  +   445d ago
but it doesn't have a screen dude
Boody-Bandit  +   445d ago
Now that's more money I'm going to have to pony up.
Oh well, can't take it with yah. I wish Sony had a bundle deal with a PS4 / Vita combo.
Blastoise  +   445d ago
This video features half the campaign
Starbucks_Fan  +   445d ago
jmaine_ph  +   445d ago
So happy I got a vita already. This looks great.
jimmyateham23  +   445d ago
it looks better on the vita then on consoles
Mikey94  +   445d ago
Why would anyone want to do this? Why would you rather play on a 7in screen then like a 40in. This feature is just a way for sony to try and sell the vita and make more money. Its so useless you cant even leave your house and your ps4 (probably has to be on at all times) so why not just play the game on the Ps4.
Skate-AK  +   445d ago
Makes plenty of sense. If my girlfriend wants to watch some dumb fashion or drama show on TV, I can still play my PS4 through my Vita.
Mikey94  +   445d ago
Or you can take a break and watch tv with your girlfriend or get an xbox one and wouldnt have to worry snap tv for her while you play your games on the big screen still. :) so either way its a win win for both consoles.
garos82  +   445d ago
Lame spin Mikey. You try sharing the same t.v.with your gf.say playing ryse while your obviously better half watches x factor

Let me know how that goes:)
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   445d ago
You can remote play this from anywhere over wifi, you could be at your friends connect your vita to wifi and it will connect your vita to your ps4 at home why wouldn't anyone want that I certainly want that.


Mikey you can leave your house as long as we're ever you are with your vita has a stable enough connection over wifi. Read this article it says you can remote play from pretty much anywhere as long it's a stable and robust wifi connection so high connection speeds are needed for it over distance http://kotaku.com/ps4-remot...
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Mikey94  +   445d ago
Obviously you didnt hear shuhei confirm you cant leave your house. That video from TGS was just false advertised.
cooperdnizzle  +   445d ago
@Mikey. Actually it's not false advertisement as that advertisement was for Japan, and in Japan they have amazing internet connection with over 1gb of speed. In Japan at coffee shops, libraries, schools and things of that nature it's 100% possible.
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dcj0524  +   445d ago
@ Mikey you can leave the house. You just have to have a stable wi-fi connection.
rydamgw  +   445d ago
Im pretty sure it can be played like this anywheres theirs a stable wifi connection. Thats what ive read anyways.
kizzle32  +   445d ago
Well...for instance if I want to be playing a PS4 game and my wife wants to watch a movie on our 73" TV this equals...no fight...also, say you just want to lay in bed and play a PS4 game and don't want to sit on the couch to play...boom...done...also who hasn't at one time wanted to be taking a shit and have the ability to keep playing your game instead of pausing it and coming back? As well, you can take it with you just most likely you are going to need to be on a VERY fast internet connection to really get use of the remote play away from the house, though, this may improve in time especially with the Gaikai platform coming next year sometime.
Skate-AK  +   445d ago
Nah. I don't want to watch a show with entitled girls whining all the time. Why would I want to snap tv when I just said the shows she watches are dumb? Your biased just showed. This has nothing to do with the Xbone. Go be a fanboy on Microsoft articles.
sigfredod  +   445d ago
in the middle of a epic online match you need to go to the toilet, just grab your vita
joeyisback  +   445d ago
u can take it on the go and play ps4 games on the go over wifi :-D so when i go to breakfast waiting on my food i can play my ps4 games while on go :-D
ABizzel1  +   445d ago

Lies. Remote Play is accessible from anywhere with a "Reliable WiFi Connection." It's just HIGHLY recommended to use the feature over the same network to eliminate all possible interference, but Remote Play is still accessible over other networks. It only becomes a problem if you're trying to run games over a 1Mbps ISP, you'll probably want at least 6Mbps if not 10+.
C-H-E-F  +   445d ago
I don't think Mikey realize how small the screen is on the xox when it's snapped. hmph PSVita so convenient especially when you want to lay down and game. This is game changer, Ps4 upstairs? psvita downstairs? come home from work don't feel like making that trip? grab the vita until you're done being lazy. OMG I love America, but my fellow Americans we all we get fatter because of this feature lmfao.
kingPoS  +   445d ago
Cause some people like to bring their Vita's to work and use the wifi from there.

Gateway MT6706
DivineAssault  +   445d ago
what do they do about L3/R3, L2/R2? custom mapping? so many unanswered questions!!
farhad2k8  +   445d ago
They're all mapped to the back panel touch screen, each corner represents a separate button.

But some games will have optimized controls, for example on Killzone Shadow Fall, touching the screen will let you melee an enemy, and running can be assigned to double tapping the analog stick upwards.

Looks good in my opinion.
Skate-AK  +   445d ago
If you watch @2:00 the back panel of the Vita flashes on the screen showing that the triggers are mapped to the back touchpad.
DivineAssault  +   445d ago
yea i seen it.. Plus IGN has a video breaking down how good it works.. Thanks
farhad2k8  +   445d ago
Looks fantastic, and IGN reported earlier that NFS Rivals runs at almost 1:1. All in all, I think remote play will be brilliant! Bring on the 15th!
imbrawler  +   445d ago
battlefield 4 while in the bathroom
nevin1  +   445d ago
Looks like you will be fighting two wars.
DialgaMarine  +   445d ago
So the question is, how many frames is it running on the Vita screen? Still 60? Not that it matters; it still looks and runs brilliantly, but I'd love to see just how far the Vita can go with this.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   445d ago
This is cool and all but I don't want to play PS4 games on Vita's small screen. There's 4 HDTV's in my house so no problem with others watching what they want.
Protagonist  +   445d ago
My Vita is waiting for the PS4 ;))
thoract  +   445d ago
I'm glad I got the VITA with the oled screen. Can't wait to try Remote play next week.
Lionalliance  +   445d ago
God damn O o o
Guwapo77  +   445d ago
Do note those that are going to pick up the Vita - the OLED screen can only be had on the first version. Second version now has the LCD screen, there is a big difference in screen quality. This is just a reminder/heads up.

That alone solidified my choice of which one to buy.
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hellzsupernova  +   445d ago
shu you promised and promised and i was skeptical we have been burnt twice before! but you done it! you freaking done it! wooooooooooooooooo! viva la vita!
VonBraunschweigg  +   445d ago
Oh no, been there before. 2 hours later you snap out of it, forget why you were there and to wipe your ass.
dcj0524  +   445d ago

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