PS4 Remote Play - Need for Speed: Rivals Gameplay


We chase down racers on the PS Vita, streaming from the PS4.

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hemmo1986957d ago

Wicked ill be able to play in bed before I nod off. Sony I love u

Hatsune-Miku957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

wow, the prophecy is true. next gen starts when sony says so.

scott182957d ago

Gotta love that, so badass. I may have to pick up a vita as well.

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badz149957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

is it just me, or the graphic shits all over NFS Most Wanted? the graphic is so gorgeous it's almost a handheld crime! "PS4 in your pocket" is no joke!

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colonel179957d ago

Very smooth!

I'll be using remote play a lot! It's nice to see it working great. Hopefully developers take advantage of it properly and assign button configurations that make sense for the Vita, and also use its features.

dcj0524957d ago

You can also assign your own buttons. On the PS4 Link app click the ? on the Live Area to find out how.

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Shellcase957d ago

What the point of this if its only good on your home network?

kizzle32957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

It's not only good on your home network. You can utilize remote play in other wifi hotspots but it's going to need to be pretty decent speed to utilize it without lag. Even though, there are a lot of great uses for at home, laying in bed, on the shitter, not having to pause your gameplay if your gf/wife wants to watch the TV you have your PS4 on, playing multiplayer games together...I think this is going to be great and I myself will be utilizing it pretty often :)

*EDIT* Not to mention when Gaikai launches, who knows what kind of remote play will be capable away from your home wifi, I can only see it getting better with time.

Shellcase957d ago

Thanks for the funny how I got all the disagrees for asking a question lol

badz149957d ago


the thing is, your comment above didn't look like a question. more like a jab!

"what's the point of you being here if you're so dumb?"

sounds like a question? no, right? it's like a flat out insult! I'm not insulting you, though. just trying to make a point.


you can leave your house as long as we're ever you are with your vita has a stable enough connection over wifi. Read this article it says you can remote play from pretty much anywhere as long it's a stable and robust wifi connection so high connection speeds are needed for it over distance

Protagonist957d ago

As a massive NFS fan ( still playing SHIFT and other NFS games on my PS3 ) I cant wait to proceed playing the full experience on my Vita.

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