Only White People Can Be Zombies

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "This whole Resident Evil 5 racism card thing has gotten way out of hand. With black folks, sometimes your damned if you do and your damned if don't. The reaction to the Resident Evil 5 trailer is not surprising, but it's reached levels of epic nonsense."

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GutZ313833d ago

Great read, and opinion is on par with my own.

robep33833d ago

The game is in Africa so zombies are black well most of the population is so that's funny eh! If it was at the North Pole they would have been Eskimo's in China they would have looked oriental man some people really need to get a grip its only a FCUKING GAME!!!.


Leathersoup3833d ago

Don't be such a racist man. The people who live in the arctic are Inuit, not Eskimos. Eskimo is a rude term meaning "Eater of raw meat".

Bonsai12143833d ago

oriental? seriously?

and the game is set in Haiti i believe... not africa

Tempist3833d ago

Hear, hear, this is quite the good article. A good read for anyone on the game racism wagon. So there are mobs of black poeple wanting to eat the white people. Oh well, that's the game. Maybe there's more given that it's a trailer.

I have to say however, there are other games with Black represnetation that's not all negative.

The MGS games make strides to this and include people of all nationalities. Since MGS there has been people of all walks of life and races in the game. Don't make issues from non-issues.

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Jandre023833d ago

Its the old cool people. They have paranoid. Just like old white people like to complain about black people doing this and that. I feel bad for people who have to depend so much on race to make themselves feel better. Me, being black, just wish people could just drop it. I dont see any racism in RE5. I hate how people make issues where non should exist. Ill be shooting African zombies with my white character when this game is released because its JUST A GAME.

PS360WII3833d ago

Yes that was a good write up. If only more people could see it that way

shysun3833d ago

Yeah that's pretty right on.I feel the same as him, the racist thought never entered my mine until I read about it.....about 3months after I first saw the trailer! I'm still not offended by the trailer. Bring on the "zombies"!

CyberSentinel3833d ago

Sensible guy with a sensible opinion.

I recommend "Crackdown" for the X360.

Great game, with a really good ending.

tordavis3833d ago

You know, I was going to comment on Crackdown but it slipped my mind.

ATLRoAcH3833d ago

Is that a black version of Fry? Thats cool as hell. I love that pic. Thats how Fry should have been. Anyway, good article man. It was a good read. With some people, race has to be brought up with every subject. I wish we could all just live life and be the people we are.

games4fun3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

he has all the next-gen consoles with him, the 360, the ps3, and the... wow i didnt know the wii got a new color! :)

cmon white poeople are in it, why dont people complain about 50 cents new game about its racist connotations?

Bnet3433833d ago

ha ha dude that comment about the wii ha ha funny