Killzone Shadow Fall: from disc to game in less than 3 minutes

The technology behind the PlayStation 4 has allowed Guerilla Games to vastly reduce load times in Killzone: Shadow Fall, according to managing director Hermen Hulst.

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NegativeCreep4271658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

*notices disagrees*

Well no fluffydelusions, you're wrong. Apparently you CAN wait.

Edit: *Notices my disagrees*

...or maaaaybe you can't wait...ummmmm yeah this is getting a little confusing. /s

ABizzel11658d ago

I didn't disagree, but he can wait.....just under 4 more days before "Greatness Arrives" ;D

rela82me1658d ago

Xbox One doesn't come out until November 22nd sir...

lol jk, had to be said.

Maxor1658d ago

He's waiting now isn't he?

MidnytRain1658d ago

The disagrees are no more stupid than bubbling up "Can't wait" as a "Well Said" comment.

SilentNegotiator1658d ago

When people disagree with a comment like that, it's because they themselves don't agree with the sentiment. And that's okay; just breathe and let it go that a small, small minority don't feel the same way.

rainslacker1657d ago

He actually doesn't have to wait. He can go buy the game now.:)

Assuming he lives in NA of course.

ICANPLAYGAMES21657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Well played, I had to vote to bubble you up for that, huzzah!

edit: how did a little light-hearted sarcasm turn serious? This is too much, :D

OlgerO1657d ago

This is my comment of the day!

abzdine1657d ago

killzone awaits!
Greatness Shadow Fall

ChrisW1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

3 Minutes? What?!? That's not enough time to go make a sandwich!

But plenty of time to grab a beer!!!

clouds51657d ago

What's so great about that KZ shooter? We've seen 1st person shooters like this 100 times before. I don't get it :D
I guess people have to be hyped for it because there is basically no other game?

Boody-Bandit1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

"He actually doesn't have to wait. He can go buy the game now.:)"

Thx for the reminder. Target has KZ and a few other titles being released today in the states with the 3 for 2 deal. I have to stop on my way home and pick them up.

Since we are debating what can't wait vs actually is waiting means. I will simply say the days are crawling by while awaiting greatness. Just 2 MORE DAYS TO GO and then it's off to Best Buys midnight launch!

CBaoth1657d ago

@ brutal or anyone else going to Target

Dopey associates there mislabeled Knack for $39.99. So I bought it separately this morning and grabbed another game in the b2g1 free deal. I'd call your local Target and check to see if they corrected the price yet. Might be worth a trip on someone's lunchbreak to save an extra $20

Boody-Bandit1657d ago


Thx for the heads up. I will check Knacks price. I'm headed to Target right now while on break.

ABizzel11657d ago


I said Greatness not mediocrity...


whome1657d ago

killzone is actually better then call of duty.

rainslacker1657d ago


I got KZ last week when it became available. Gonna pick up Knack tomorrow from GS unless Target has it for $39.99 like someone above reported, in which case I'll get my deposit back. Amazon has shipped my collector's edition of AC4.

I took advantage of the Amazon B2G1 promotion to get NFS:Rivals, Lego:MSH, and NBA2K.

Might head to target Friday morning before work to see if they have 3 more games I want to pick up. Gotta love getting an much bigger than expected bonus the week of a console launch.:)

Unfortunately I don't know if there are three more games that I want to get right now. Maybe Madden and Injustice, but can't think of a third...stupid Watch Dogs delay.:(

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx1658d ago

i dont understand why you got disagrees with that comment. its like they are jealous that they wont be getting it on a certain console

Septic1657d ago

Lol are you guys new to this site? Trust me, the ratio if disagrees to agrees can be much worse depending on what 'side' you are on. #truthfacts

MizTv1658d ago

Oh yeah!!!!
I can't wait for this game to blow me......away

christrules00411658d ago

Alot of my friends play COD. I'm pretty sure they are pissed at me that on the midnight launch the first game I'm going to play is Killzone Shadowfall. They even went as low to say "I was told Killzone is alright" and when I told her that Planetside 2 in early 2014 is releasing she said that I should wait a month until it's half off. LMFAO. About tomclear my friends list out because they can't except I play higher quality games then COD.

MizTv1658d ago

Less the wait the better

christrules00411658d ago

How the heck does this get a disagree?

AbortMission1658d ago

Xbot: "Wait, you're going to enjoy a game that's not on MY preferred console?" *dislike* Lol

IRON883 1658d ago

That's awesome I'm so damn happy we can play the game while the update loads up:) 3 more days!!!!!!

The_Villager1658d ago

"The technology behind the PlayStation 4 has allowed Guerilla Games to vastly reduce load times in Killzone: Shadow Fall, according to managing director Hermen Hulst."

If the technology is so great then why can't the PS4 read discs instead of having mandatory game installs? That 500 GB hard drives is no better than the Wii U's 32 GB if we get all these game installs (Killzone: Shadowfall, 45 GB required. Knack, 37 GB required).

So there's next to no advantage getting physical based games as compared to digital versions, and vice-versa.

isa_scout1658d ago

Unless you have a ultra fast internet connection there is still a clear advantage as you don't have to wait(in my case about 3 days) to download a 45GB game before you can start playing. I actually like the fact that the game is read from the hard drive. It'll make games perform better and be hella lot more smooth, and this is something both Sony and MS are implementing. Thats a big reason why there are no load times.
I do agree though about the hard drive size. Would've been awesome if the PS4 came with a 1TB hard drive.
Looks like I'll be upgrading my hard drive a little sooner than I anticipated.

Hicken1658d ago

Oh, there are advantages. A physical game has its advantages, such as not taking up as much HDD space(generally speaking), being more easily transferrable(buying, selling, trading, loaning), and there's always the whole collectible factor.

Digital games are more efficient(I highly doubt even the new Blu Ray drive is running upwards of 7200 RPM) and less space-consuming, among other things.

Besides, I seem to recall that games can read off both the disc and the HDD at the same time. Don't quote me on that, though.

Maxor1658d ago

I hope Sony add external HD support because laptop drives in the 2TB range are both slow and expensive.

solidsheep1658d ago

Wow gamers can be such divas. How about just delete a game your going to have room for around 13 games. Is it really that hard to delete one?

christrules00411658d ago

Actually it does have advantages playing it off of the hard drive. Once the game is installed onto the hard drive the blu ray reader only needs to spin the disc up to read the key. Then it doesn't have to spin the disc anymore so it actually runs quieter off of the hard drive. The blu ray reader gets less wear and tear since it only needs to install the game and of coarse get the key. Since all of the data is on the hard drive the loading screen is dramatically improved and not to mention you don't need a whole crap load of loading screens. Playing games off of the current gen discs worked well but with games being so much more data on next gen reading all that data from the disc to render a scene would cause an absolute ton of wear and tear on the blu ray drive.

Once Killzone Shadowfall is installed on the hard drive it takes 15 seconds from when you put in the disc till until you can play your character. Unlike the what 2 minute The Last of Us boot up time on the PS3.

SniperControl1657d ago

All data on the disc is cached onto the HDD during game play, once you have finished your gaming session, the cached data will be deleted, ready for the next game.

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tontontam01658d ago

You have no choice but to wait.

showtimefolks1657d ago

KZ:SF the only FPS truly built for next gen from ground up

The story trailer was really interesting. Been a long time fan of KZ and I really hope this is the best one in the series

Zefros1657d ago

agreed, just startet playing kz2 again, will finish it and kz3 to prepare for kz: shadow falls. But one thing that really struck me, killzone 2 looks so damn good, i would even say it is still the best looking game alonside last of us and uncharted. it's so smooth and crisp looking, i was a bit shocked after seeing it again after such a long time!

showtimefolks1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )


i spend months with KZ online, to be honest never finished the story. Was on last few missions and it got really hard

it had great graphics
a story that makes sense and long 10 plus hours
Challenging AI
and those same graphics in online matches
warzone one of the best online modes

KZ3 was really good and got a lot of unwanted hate

The argument is always halo is better but why can't we enjoy both?

oh and i agree best looking game on PS3 period even better than UC or last of us. The first time you play KZ2 the early cut scene that shows you the whole war damn just gorgeous

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891657d ago

Pop a 1000gb Samsung ssd in there and watch it turn into less than a minute. My pc starts in 20 seconds with a 512gb Samsung 840 pro :).

ajkula1657d ago

how much did you buy it??

Mrgolden791657d ago

Wait he says... Do I look like a waiter?

HardcoreGamer1657d ago

we really shouldnt be saying greatness, we are making it something too high.

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RyanShutup1658d ago

I have this game sitting right next to me... 3 more dayssssss!!!

Gore-Content1658d ago

Gotta wait for another two weeks... F* my life :(

RyanShutup1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Don't worry bro.. I'll save you a spot in the lobby! :D

edit: Looking at the disagrees above it's clear there's some salty xbox fans in here, it's not too late guys:P

Campy da Camper1658d ago

Are you in Europe? Think of it as gaming karma for you guys getting sweet plus deals all the time lol.

Gore-Content1658d ago

@Campy Yeah, I'm in Europe.

OsirisBlack1658d ago

You and me both bud, I'm going to pick up my copies of AC4 and BF4 tomorrow. Don't judge me....

Transporter471658d ago

Dang 30 seconds then you start watching intro movie sweet : ), can't wait Greatness Arrives soon!!!!

MizTv1658d ago

I hope the intro movie sheds some light on the end of kz3
I want to know who that was at the end of the game!

Transporter471658d ago

Yeah, they said it says what happens after the events of KZ3 :P

Mrgolden791657d ago

Wow at the disagrees... Haters gonna hate

cpayne931658d ago

It would definitely be nice if loading was reduced. My first experiences with gaming were on the n64, in those days you were playing the game withing seconds of flipping on the power.

SaffronCurse1658d ago

Technology was simpler back then and not as complex as it is today.

Superherox701658d ago

No it's the fact that it loaded from a cartridge ps1 and Saturn had horrible load times. Simpler technology lol what are you 12?

HardcoreDaBoss1658d ago

cartridges loaded much faster. I always thought it would be cool if they just kept making them for games but having the storage like flash drives or sd cards. the read write speeds for them now are crazy compared to discs. I also noticed they freeze way less.

Sevir1658d ago

The thing is you have to print cartridges, and it it was simply way more expensive to do that with them.

I'm glad that with all this complexity theyve managed to eliminate the loading to a great degree.

30 seconds to press "X" and jump right into the game is fantastic...

Battlefield 4 takes 35 seconds from insert to game intro... So this is fantastic

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Did you even blow ? Did you even wiggle ? Are you even a 90's gamer ? . Half the time older well used cartridge games wouldn't even boot let alone fast cause you had to wiggle the cartridge around then blow on it for who knows how long lol not fun. Haha looking at a guy that had NES, Super Nintendo, psone slim, Xbox, ps3, xbox 360 and I'd say I'd prefer the so called slower but resilient and reliable Blu-ray Disc out of all the above listed options. And thanks for bringing back the horrible traumatizing cartridge flash backs lol

cpayne931657d ago

^Dunno about the nes but with my snes and n64 I never had to blow more than once. I still use my n64 actually, works just as well today as it did when I bought it.

Battlefieldlover1657d ago

@super. What is more simple? Disc drive or cartridge? Who's 12?

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Sony budgeted slower 5400rpm 2.5inch hdd's are limited so if you truly want to reduce those loading times upgrade to an ssd, haven't looked online but I think the 750gb and 1tb Samsung ssds are out or will be out. Having a Samsung 840 pro ssd while playing bioshock infinite it loads so fast I couldn't even finish reading the loading screen dialog and tips lol. Plus I load into multiplayer faster then anyone in battlefield 4. So if you got the spare cash it's definately worth it to make the ssd upgrade

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Phene1658d ago

Is this the first-time run thru or everytime?

And I'm not complaining but 3 minutes is long lol ...but if it's only once that ain't bad at all

Guwapo771658d ago

You will not have to watch the 1½ minute intro each time you play the game. The first time around you are getting the initial install and from there you cache the game to the HDD/SSD so there will be no more "load" times.