Pure Nintendo: Super Castlevania 4 Review

Pure Nintendo's Review of Super Castlevania 4 for the Wii U Virtual Console

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hankmoody1712d ago

A true classic. Still remember how impressed I was with this game when I first laid eyes on it. The music was also incredible.

HxCGamer1712d ago

one of my favorite classics. I wish they would make a next-gen platform game featuring the Belmonts or Alucard

MasterChief36241712d ago

I thought I read that Symphony of the Night was the first Castlevania game to be non-linear in the style of Metroid, but I wasn't sure how true that was.

Is Super Castlevania 4 the old style of the original Castlevania, going from the left to the right, with nary a mode of exploration? Or is it non-linear?

HxCGamer1712d ago

it's just from left to right.

hankmoody1712d ago

It's a lot closer to the original NES release, just spiffed up. Castlevania II wasn't exactly non-linear but it did play like an RPG.