Battlefield 4: Helicopter Tutorial Video

If you’re also an aspiring helicopter pilot in Battlefield 4, this video offers a few pointers to help you get your chopper off the ground without crashing.

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aceitman1775d ago

and that's how it should have been done in battlefield a tutorial. not just here take it for a spin and figure it out.

rbluetank1775d ago

exactly....1 I am still run on the Well said!

SITH1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I fly the helicopters like a boss. I use legacy controls scheme to fly. I recommend it for people who played battlefield on consoles since modern combat. And yes, as the video suggest flying low to the ground or NAP of the earth allows you to evade and jump on targets before they can see you and also egress before they can respond. Works flawlessly in the game when you are a proficient pilot.