The Daily Five: Favorite Male Voice Acting Roles

"Last Friday, Stealthy Box began its salute to the best voice performances of this generation; those roles that helped defined a generation of gaming where storytelling was taken to new heights. We began our tribute with five fearless female performances, but now it’s time for the men of gaming to take the stage." - Travis Tucker

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Nyxus1777d ago

David Hayter. One of the most iconic voices in gaming.

Bhuahahaha1777d ago

no rob weithoff aka john marston?

JackISbacK1777d ago

yeah all of them are graet especialy the joker,ezio and trevor ,nathan is also good but i think we are missing commander shepard speech from mass effect 2 his voice acting was epic at that time.

pr0t0typeknuckles1777d ago

for me its nolan north, david hayter, yuri lowenthal, michael ironside, and kevin conroy