PS4 Won't Work With IR Remote Controls

A Sony representative confirmed the PS4 can't receive infrared remote control commands, limiting its ability to work with traditional universal remotes.

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mhunterjr1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Man, this sucks... I was hoping to be able to pass my ps4 through my xbox 1, and use kinect to turn it on...

Not a deal killer considering I'll have to pick up the ds4 anyway to actually play the game, but it's a little less cool.

OrangePowerz1773d ago

I doubt passing another console through the Xbone via HDMI will be lag free despite of what MS claims.

mhunterjr1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

It's a a/v cable. It simply passes a signal. There's no reason there would be any more lag than when i pass the signal through a receiver... Which is non-detectable...

HolyDuck1773d ago

Pass through should present less lag than Vitas Remote gaming so where's all your moaning about that?

XisThatKid1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Yea I was def expecting to do this no next gen for me. Whats the point of taking 10 steps forward to take one step back OMG! WHYYYYYYY Sony WHYYYYYYYYY??!!!! I mean PS2 and only the 1st gen PSP's had IR. Stupid native 1080p. at what cost?! Sony you really cut corners on this one. Now I'm forced to use the Bluetooth remote I been using for the past 3 years or my controller or my camera if the function gets patched in or just play Killzone. Damn it's a good thing I got used to not having IR remotes for my console for the past 7 years I'm so lucky :/

OrangePowerz1772d ago

A normal pass through wouldn`t cause any noticeable lag, but I`m not sure it`s just a simple pass through since it`s processed by the system and not just send to the TV so you can do voice controls and so on for live TV.

The remote play only sends video data from one device to the other device and sends small data for the input to the console and all of that is done by the extra chip that`s dedicated for the streaming and background downloads and so on. In that case the lag should be rather small unlike the PS3 where that feature had to be programmed by the game developers and it was handled by the chip that was also responsible for running the game.

If it is a simple pass through it will have less lag than the Vita Remote Play. If it is not a simple pass through it will have more lag than the remote play.

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Ace_Pheonix1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Except for, it can, the same way I use my HDTV remote to control my PS3 through HDMI via the HDTV itself. Just turn on HDMI link and you're golden. No need for lame universal remotes that toggle between devices at all.

EDIT: Sorry, I meant to reply to the guy below you.

DivineAssault 1773d ago

blutooth anyone? IR is a dying if not dead way for remotes to communicate

kenmid1773d ago

Lol, your funny that's why 98.5% remotes still uses IR.

DivineAssault 1773d ago

ya.. cable boxes, TVs, & the xbone.. I have no need for it in my PS4.. My TV uses blutooth too so ill be ok

1OddWorld1773d ago

Ir = Pointing at your tv to change channel and making sure nothing is blocking its path. Blutooth you could be paralyzed from the neck down and change the channel with your tongue, no need to point sh!t. I have been irritated about everything not being blutooth for 10 years now. Everything in the living room should be blutooth from your tv to your sound system by now.

My next smart tv and sound system will both be blutooth.

kneon1773d ago


I couldn't agree more. It's stupid that all these devices are still using IR, it's such an archaic method of controlling devices.

The big advantage of Bluetooth besides not needing a line of sight is that it is a two way communications channel. That means that those fancy smart remotes that can control all your devices don't have to guess at the state of the device. They can query the device and make sure that each one is set correctly.

iiwii1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

But he is right, ir is a dying breed. It's aweful and there are starting to be more bluetooth remotes on consumer devices now..Not saying that will take over or anything, but it is an option since PS4 already has BT support.

But hey, I would actually rather that they put a software remote feature in the Playstation app and then I can use my smart phone or tablet as a remote for the PS4.

I always just used the controller on the PS3..

Guwapo771773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

@ Kenmid
Where in the eff did you pull that statistic from?

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pacostacos1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

bluetooth is outdated tech too wifi direct is way better

kneon1773d ago

Bluetooth is superior for this application, Wifi Direct is overkill. The amount of data is minimal so Wifi's performance offers no advantage. But Wifi consumes more power and is more expensive to implement.

n4rc1773d ago

Very true...

You don't need 300mb/s to change channels.. Lol.. I didn't know Bluetooth was making its way to remotes.. I'm all for that

meatnormous1773d ago

All hd directv receivers are rf remote compatible.

dumahim1773d ago

Yeah. I love my Bluetooth remote, but to call it dead or dying is really stretching it. I haven't seen anyone other than Playstation adopt it for remotes.

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pwnsause_returns1773d ago

There's no point for remotes anymore when tablets and phones are taking their place.

dumahim1773d ago

Why would I want to reach for a tablet, turn the screen on, possibly unlock it, launch remote app (if not already running) just to change the volume or channel when I can just reach over and press a button on a normal remote?

pwnsause_returns1773d ago

Because right now, you have your phone right on you right now. Just like how you just replied to this. Just like how I replied to this as well.

dumahim1773d ago

No, I don't have my phone on me. It's sitting a few feet away. I'm using my computer to type this. Why in the world would you assume I'm using a phone to do this?

TheDarpaChief1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Cancelling my pre order

Grave1773d ago

Same. This is totally unacceptable!!

TheDarpaChief1773d ago

I feel betrayed as a consumer. I'm going to buy me a sega saturn instead

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