Xbox One Versus PlayStation 4: Too Close to Call?

Sony and Microsoft are both releasing their next-generation gaming consoles this month, just in time for the 2013 holiday shopping season. Sony’s PlayStation 4 lands on U.S. store shelves first, on Friday, while Microsoft’s Xbox One arrives the following Friday, November 22.

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xHeavYx1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I'd say it's not even close, the PS4 will dominate thanks to the lower price, the fact that it's more powerful, great first party studios and the fact that they don't need to concentrate in gimmicks that get old really fast.
MS can buy exclusives, promise that the cloud and Kinect are the best inventions ever even though the first one hasn't been shown working ( even if Turn 10 keeps praising it) and the second one has as much functionality as my remote controller+my thumb, but the fact is that Sony will dominate when it comes to gaming. MS may dominate in a few categories though, like most free apps behind a paywall, most returned Christmas etc

blackbeld1709d ago

Agreed, I'd say the xbox is already dead.

Even Microsoft shareholders and CEO candidates wants to kill it.

zeal0us1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

The reason some of the shareholders and Elop want kill or sell Xbox division because MS invest so much into the Xbox division. Possibly they don't deem the division profitable enough.

Oddly you don't hear these same people mentioning anything about WP8 or Surface. Which imho has been performing poor and has yet to become profitable for MS.

@Lord Maim
True but 8 is having a slower adaption rate than 7. Heck I think Vista even got more market-shares than 8.

Surface was definitely a costly blunder. I get MS wanted to stop Apple and Google onslaught in the tablet market but they went about it the wrong way. They should have left it up to the OEM rather than throwing their hat into the race.

LordMaim1709d ago

@zeal0us: Windows 8 and Surface don't generate PR debacles on a daily basis.

BitbyDeath1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )


The Surface $900 million blunder is the reason why Steve Balmer has to step down from his role as CEO.

stuna11709d ago

People can't tell me it's nothing wrong with this scenario! I can't see how Microsoft could be viewed in the same context as Sony, simple looking at the space and time since both were unveiled. They have traveled in totally opposite direction to one another! One has been positively charged from the beginning, the other has been negatively charged from the beginning, yet people are saying they're the same! What kind of illogical/logic is this?

Microsoft has withheld information from the public that could affect their buying decision! Sony have been upfront.

Microsoft have lied about their machines specifications! Sony have been upfront.

Microsoft have lied about the resolution of games! Sony have been upfront.

Microsoft have been surrounded by cryptic NDA's! Sony hasn't been, if anything they've been restricted because of Microsoft's NDA's being in place.

Microsoft has failed at the simplest levels of trying to communicate a clear and truthful approach to why people should believe that they have their best interest at heart! Sony hasn't had that type of issue.

But yet they are too close to call!?

NateCole1709d ago

It will be close in NA and UK. Everywhere else is Sony domination.

HammadTheBeast1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

PS4 overall is destroying XB1 at the moment. However.

People bring up the fact that launch isn't everything. And it's not.


People forget that the major Sony studios have yet to show their games, while the remaining major game studio left for MS is Black Tusk (wildcard) and 343's Halo, which is not the same as Bungie's Halo 3 when it comes to pushing units.

It's not over, but let's not undermine Sony's lead with "too close to call".

ABizzel11709d ago

It's not going to be a close call until Microsoft gets the price down to about $349 - $399 ($379 magic number). I think Microsoft have no choice but to give Sony the early lead because they already chose the $499 price. Maybe holiday 2014 they'll find a way to drop the price and then we'll have a close call.

Soc51709d ago

Yeah I gotta agree too
Price and Power simple as that, for me anyways.
Not into Ryse and Ill miss Forza, but its fine.
Oh and yeah what's with MS execs talking about killing off Xbox division? Is it really a good time to be talking about that? Right before launch? Sheesh

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Godmars2901709d ago

Not by system performance nor pre-orders.

Quality of launch titles the difference is pretty much clear there as well, but again pre-orders would suggest their worth.

B-radical1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I prefer x1 launch titles.

Killzone doesn't look that fun but I hope it is a good game because I will probally pick it up next year. Knack is not my kinda game.

Looking forward to future x1 titles also. D4 HALO 5 Quantum break....Itching to see what black tusk studio's have planned.

But infamous second son looks to good to pass up hopefully will have my ps4 before then

HammadTheBeast1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Titanfall is intriguing, but I have always loved KZ, despite 3 being pretty bad.

Anyways, GL with XBO.

etownone1709d ago

Halo 5 !!!!!!

Can't wait!!!!

Here's hoping Ms sees the errors of their ways and release a Xbox One sans Kinect.

Whether is great or not.... It should not be forced. It's not needed. And it just gives Sony the price advantage.

DivineAssault 1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

i believe sony will absolutely crush M$.. Not at first because of all the loyalists that will go xb1 to prove a point but in the nx yr or so, sony will always be selling more consoles.. They might just take off & never let M$ even get a chance.. Who knows? What i do know is i had many MANY 360 friends that are switching over & of course my ps3 friends will stay home w sony.. Gone are the days i have to decide which console to buy a game on because my friends were divided.. Every1 now sees the value & greatness that awaits

cyhm31121709d ago

Sony will Crush MS from day 1. Why? Despite MS and its fan telling people otherwise, Most people know MS is releasing an obviously inferior console with inferior multiplatform games.

SpinalRemains1381709d ago

Bout as close as a Predator fighting a 7 year old armless girl.

B-radical1709d ago

What if the armless girl was jesus

Bathyj1709d ago

Actually, its Don Most now.

SpinalRemains1381709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Then she would not fight, but speak to the predator in kind, wise fashion. The predator does not understand what the girl is saying and he then examines her skull. It is 720p & he likes it and decides that she is a threat. He stabs her and with a surgically precise rip, he removes her spine and he is proud.
The Jesus girl is dead.....or is she?

cyclindk1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Little JJ

She know kick boxing

And @SpinalRemains138

WTF bible you reading?! In mine Jesucuh kicks a$$ and lays blame. New New Testament stuff, post-apocalypse, new order, angelic Diarchy (rule of law and the administration of punishment overseen by the two "diarchs," highest angels." Overall rule by the will of THE JESUCH (the malevolent one).

Basic stuff, didn't you ever go to Thunday school? First and Second Malevolents, Ozzy to Manhattanites, Masturbation and other acceptable uses for WD-40? It's all in there.

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