Playstation 4 Will Win the Battle with the Xbox One

PlayStation 4 will win the sales battle with the Xbox One this holiday season. The release of the next group of game consoles is near and PlayStation 4 is going to show why it will be the victor.

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Izzy4081742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

How exactly do you "win" the battle? Is it determined by the number of consoles sold after a 5-10 year mark in order to be declared a winner? And by what margin must one console outsell another? 1 console, 100 consoles, 1000 consoles?

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Hank_Schrader1742d ago

Well the ps4 is cheaper and will have many many exclusives to come so its looking very rosy for ps4.

JeffGUNZ1741d ago

But the Xbox one is releasing with more exclusives then PS4, the UI is better on XBONE and Xbox Live is still superior, but PSN is making good progress and is close. Right now, I have to say the X1 is the better deal and watching the UI in action, the extra $100 for the kinect more then justifies that price point to me.

DivineAssault 1742d ago

Sony has never lost a battle.. U think they have a chance at losing now? LOL i need some of what your smoking..

Izzy4081742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

You sure? Because it seems whatever you're on is a lot stronger than what i'm using.

zeal0us1742d ago

You do remember the Wii sold more than the PS3, right?

So if anything they have lost a battle. Heck any company in this age has lost a battle of some kind.

BootyBandit1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

"You do remember the Wii sold more than the PS3, right?"

I didn't realize Sony stopped making PS3's. That sucks. I better rush out and pick one up as a spare just in case. /s

This generation isn't over yet and wont be for a few years. Sony still has time to surpass the Wii in over all unit sales. Just because a new generation starts doesn't mean manufacturers stop making money and stop adding additional units sales to their totals.

Come back when the last PS3 and Wii unit are sold and then we will talk.

On topic:
Playstation 4 Will Win the Battle with the Xbox One - Agreed

kneon1742d ago

The generation's not over until the last console ships. And we're no where near the end the current generation yet, there's at least another 3-5 years.

DivineAssault 1742d ago

your right technically.. But i myself dont consider nintendo a contender for living room dominance.. Theyre always a secondary machine because i like some their exclusives.. The wii was a casual gamer fad that came & left. The core N fans that bought the wii wouldnt come close to the 80mil PS3s out there

The_Villager1742d ago

"Sony has never lost a battle"

Could you fanboys be any more delusional? LOL

Hank_Schrader1742d ago

The problem MS has is that they ahve some 3rd party exclusives early but when the ps4 userbase soars then its gonna be extremley difficult for them to secure more 3rd party exclusives.

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zeal0us1742d ago

It's usually determined by people's opinions. At the end of a generation you will always have people that say their console won this generation or was the best.
You can ask some 360 owners and they will say their console won this generation. You can ask some PS3 owners and they will say their console won this generation.

Omegasyde1742d ago

This article is correct, here is why

(Formula for success using "meth-math")

11/15/2013 = 11 * 15 / 2013 =(165/2013)= 0.08 * (ps)4 =0.33

0.33 = Halflife 3 as a PS4 exclusive in 2039

11/15/2013 = 11+ 15 +2013 = 2039

Halflife 3 in 2039 confirmed as Ps4 exclusive. Sony will support the Ps4 for 26 years also confirmed.

Only 10 years after the Last Guardian, Call of Duty: Black Ghost Ops 3 and Final Fantasy XIII-992 International swimsuit edition.

rainslacker1742d ago

That's actually the war you're talking about.

Battles are periods of time within that war(respective to consoles). So, the battle is for who will sell the most this holiday season. Guess the next battle will be the duration of time between the holiday season, and whichever company puts out sales numbers first. First year sales battle, of course, then next holiday.

Too many battles. Soon we can just play.

Magicite1741d ago

Already Won. Check Mate!

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Godmars2901742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

So long as all of the systems can show a profit, an actual and honest one instead of PR reality-bending math, they all win.

Mind you the PS4 might just come out ahead in terms of sales this Holiday season, but that's likely not to matter much in the long run.

What's become a shameless and mindless sales season.

sprinterboy1742d ago

@booty bounty

Agree, ps3 has a great chance of surpassing the Wii in overall lifetime sales, I think it will be close though, ps3 will prob sell 8 million 2014 with price drop maybe 6 mil 2015, 4 mil 2016 and 4 mill before getting dis continued, along those lines ish.

first1NFANTRY1742d ago

$100 cheaper
Superior hardware
Larger library of first party devs
superior online functionality

Come on, it's not even a competition anymore.

OhhWerd1742d ago

No camera, so it's not that much cheaper when you add that in

RyanShutup1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Even then technically it's still cheaper and significantly more powerful than the xbox one... so there's that... (I refuse to purchase an Xbox one until it's sold without the kinect)

kickerz1742d ago

Superior online functionality? lol yeah right. Keep telling yourself that. U get free sh__t that's it.

JeffGUNZ1741d ago

hahah give me a break, Live is well known to trump PSN and Forza is 1080, ryse is 900 and MS and developers already stated multiple times that the X1 will be 1080 standard. You're picking out a multiplatform game, COD, which is on old gen engine and is spewed out year after year. The launch lineup is far more superior on Xbox One then PS4 at the moment, who knows down the line, but right now other than Killzone which is medicore gameplay and infamous, their is no exclusives that blow you away. Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Forza 5 look incredible.

HaveAsandwich1742d ago

it'll sell more systems and games in the long run. that's all.

first1NFANTRY1742d ago

Lol I thought that was the whole purpose

HaveAsandwich1742d ago

it is. i was just busting balls. lol

Goku7811742d ago

Totally agree with you. Side note Sodapokinski rules!

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