Check Out How Sony Turned a Hotel in New York Into a Giant PS4

The big PS4 review event has been going on all day at The Standard Hotel in New York, but Sony had another surprise in store, revealed now that darkness has fallen and the actual PS4 units are being put to rest for the night.

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JoGam1714d ago

This event is going to be awesome. Gosh I wish I could attend.

Abriael1714d ago

I'm sure many do, considering that everyone got a free PS4, accessories and a bunch of games.

hakeem09961714d ago

So a blue line is synonymous of PS4 now .that's weak,what's wrong with PS4

rainslacker1714d ago

If Apple can copyright a rounded edge, why can't Sony copyright a blue line?

DivineAssault 1714d ago

opps.. didnt mean to disagree.. ill bubble u up

Riderz13371714d ago

Plus they get free PS4's at the event =(. I wish I could just sneak in there and run out with a PS4 =P

PoSTedUP1714d ago

checks in


oh hi yeah im with the umm... *grabs ps4 and runs*

TomahawkX1714d ago

That's it, I'm officially becoming a game journalist... hmm where do I start?

JoGam1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Don't know why you just made me think of Hip Hop Gamer. Anywho, I wonder if he was invited.

thehitman1714d ago

I dont know why people hate on HHG he actually provided a lot of information, interviews, valid sources of information before a lot of other so called "journalist". People just didnt like his style and hated on him. I loved his E3 coverages and other gaming events and he always lands good interviews.

Anyways on topic lol that building looks like a ps4. Wish I could head to the city and check it out I didnt get a golden ticket :(.

JetsFool35001714d ago

@thehitman other than him hyping everything up like its best thing ever made I find nothing wrong with him

HammadTheBeast1714d ago

Start with the whining, decline of games, etc. Then focus on how mobile games rule. The magically align yourself to either MS or Sony, and give a few extremely high scores, for free stuffs. Wait for the next major release, wait for everyone to give it 9's and 10's, then give it a 4 for the hits and lulz. Sell yourself out at this point, and find things completely unrelated to gaming to report on.

Congratulations, you are now a games journalist.

TomahawkX1714d ago

You should write a book on this, You would make millions!

Abriael1714d ago

That's how you become a bad journalist, but I'm sure you weren't too serious :D

Abriael1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Working unpaid for several hours a day for several years, with very few or none of the privileges the "big" journos get, often having to pay for your own trips and accommodation to go to events, until you finally land a paying gig (IF you're good and lucky) is normally the routine.


as exciting as this sounds, i have no idea how that blob of lights is supposed to be a ps4.


nosferatuzodd1714d ago

i know where that is, i past it from work just now

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