Top 5 Reasons to Buy Battlefield 4 at Launch

"There’s no shortage of quality games to pick up alongside your PlayStation 4 this Friday (by the way: GAH, Friday!), and the full lineup is well-rounded enough to suit most tastes. First-person shooters have quickly become a go-to source for benchmark gaming, and Battlefield 4 seems to have fallen off of the next-gen radar somehow.

With that in mind, here are five reasons why shooter fans would do well to pick up DICE’s destructible dynamo." - Joe Garcia

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fluffydelusions1714d ago

I'd definitely buy it if I didn't already have the PC version

RumbleFish1714d ago

Same here. It is a bit bugggggggy atm, but i can really recommend it to everyone. The maps are great and it is definitely not a full price map pack like the CoDs are.

0ut1awed1714d ago

Top reason NOT to buy it at launch...

Gamestop will have it for $30 on Black Friday. I too would already own the PC version but with $50 premium in mind, I'm waiting on this deal first.

Detoxx1713d ago

Cause everybody lives in 'Murica!

0ut1awed1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Well if it doesn't apply to you then it doesn't apply to you.

It sucks and I'm sorry but no reason to point out the obvious. Just use some logic and move on. It should be obvious who the comment was intended for.

Akuma2K1714d ago

Can't wait to play BF4 Friday, me and my clan mates are all ready to go.

Lwhit61714d ago

Haha let me join I don't have anyone to play with

Akuma2K1714d ago

Go here and put in an application....

SonyNGP1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

No thanks. Already picked up the superior version 2 weeks ago.

Jaybronee1714d ago

How's that buggy PC version working out for you?

SonyNGP1714d ago

Pretty damn good, thanks for asking! Game looks spectacular, runs at 70-85 frames average, and the levolution moments are so freakin' gnarly!

Currently at rank 15 :D

0ut1awed1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

It's funny. A few people report bugs and then everyone thinks it's a issue.

I have't picked up the game yet but about 8 people in my clan have (PC version), all with very different system setups.

They have all be playing it since launch day with no complaints or game breaking glitches.

If you want to point fingers though, hows GTA V online that launched months ago?

Jaybronee1713d ago

I should probably keep my mouth shut because who knows how the PS4 release is going to go come Friday. The PS3 BF3 release sucked! It took a few patches before it was playable.

Blastoise1714d ago

I think I'll pass on this game all together. Really enjoyed Battlefield 3 but not as excited for Battlefield 4 as I used to be. Gonna put my money towards other games, less buggy games.

wild101gab1714d ago

Can't wait for some 64 player action and it runs at 60fps!

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