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PSBlog - Things don’t go as planned for Delsin Rowe, the smug but likeable hero of Infamous Second Son. Following the catastrophic events that shook the world in the first two games, Delsin’s super-powered status as a Conduit is laid bare after exposure to other superhumans. Delsin can absorb the powers of others, and then employ them for his own devices. He has serious potential, and that immense potential was on display during the PS4 launch event here in New York City this week.

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Bathyj1710d ago

I'm glad info is leaking out now as theyve been so quite on this. Definitely the next gen game to watch for.

I_am_Batman1710d ago

I'm pretty sure that Sony will start hyping this game up after the ps4 launched. They probably want the hype for the launch games right now.

RackLug1710d ago

This game looks frikin Awesome!!!!

LordNikon1710d ago

That Neon power looks awesome.

Sevir1710d ago

The visual fidelity of this game is unmatched by any Next Gen title I've seen. Holy crap the environments and the details are outrageously gorgeous!

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