This Oculus Rift TV Spot For A Sex Game Is Perhaps The Most Sickening Clip We've Seen Thus Far

DSOGaming writes: "By now, most of you should be aware of a sex game that is being created for Oculus Rift. Well, the company behind it has released a TV spot that looks weird, awkward and sick (not in a good way)."

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jhoward5851529d ago ShowReplies(5)
Snookies121529d ago

Hahahaha, "Does this game support co-op?"

WTF though! That was way too messed up...

blackbeld1529d ago

Wow this is a seller!

Oculus Rift is mine!

inveni01528d ago

If I was 15 again, this is totally something I would get. But I'll hold off until they have real androids for purchase.

SegaSaturn6691528d ago

I hope sony releases a competitor to this for their HMD.

I wouldn't mind Kat from gravity rush or maybe sweet tooth from twisted metal.

AgentSmithPS41528d ago

If you think this is sickening you should see what your dad did to your mom before you got here.

If you want to see this for PS4 let Sony know early and often.

To the people worried about getting caught there's a new invention called a "door", I hear it even locks.

What ever happened to good old American ingenuity, if for no other reason think of all the money you'd make. If you want it done right do it yourself...

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LOGICWINS1529d ago



Computersaysno1528d ago

Now thats what I call a hard drive!

oof461528d ago

No force feedback? Meh.

Also, does this mean we are close to realizing the future that was shown in Strange Days?

Snookies121529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

To clarify, now that I look back at my comment... I meant the video of the dude doing it was messed up. The game itself is fine. I expect these things from Japan, and all it's awesome/weird craziness lol!

NarooN1528d ago

A friend of mine showed me the vid yesterday, then I showed it to a bunch of people.

Now I'm no stranger to Japan's weirdness, but this? I mean just imagine "playing this game" and having someone walk in on you. Just LMAO. The awkwardness would be enough to end entire friendships/relationships perhaps.

Denethor_II1528d ago

There's getting caught wanking, very awkward. Then there's getting caught using this.

adorie1528d ago

I can see it now. "sold out in Japan"

PawnSacrifice1528d ago

A previous article on n4g was "How Japan will win back the west".
To which I commented "with schoolgirls & miniskirts".
I WAS being sarcastic, but now...

PS, weirdness aside, props for that guy not cracking a boner. Coodos

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pwnsause_returns1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


"You were born too late, so you'll never get to explore the world.
You were born too soon, so you'll never get to explore the galaxy.
But god damn, you were born just in time for virtual reality sex simulators.
What an age we live in...

See that mountain?
You can ---- it!


KillrateOmega1528d ago

Hands down the best damn YouTube comment I have ever seen XD

jhoward5851529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

This gives a new meaning to catching a computer virus.

Snookies121529d ago

Gotta be careful of those electronically transmitted diseases. Remember, ETD's can be prevented by using a trusted anti-virus software.

jhoward5851529d ago

LOL, the way that guy was jerking off on the vibrator machine he gonna need more than an anti-vrus protection.