Proteus (PS3) Review - J Station X

Is Proteus a gaming masterpiece or an interactive wonder? We take on Curve's new game to find out just what it is that makes Proteus so great.

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Visiblemarc1774d ago

Was super intrigued when I heard this was coming to Vita, because it seems like a good fit, but was hoping for more of a $6.99 price point, max.

Seems steep at a ps+ price of nearly $12.

ElementX1774d ago

I have this on PC from Steam. It's $9.99 currently however I bought it on sale. It's kind of interesting to walk around and explore however it's not a 9/10 experience.

Jasmino9241773d ago

A lot of what makes the game is the interesting factor, I think.

For me it's worthy of a 9/10 because a lot of what Proteus does is unique, especially in the way that it makes you question the world and I don't really think any other games are doing that at the moment but each to their own!