Sony Backs Estimates of 3 Million PS4 Units Sold This Year

Sony poised to release the PlayStation 4 game console this week, is confident it can meet analysts’ sales estimates of 3 million units by year-end, exploiting an early advantage over Microsoft’s Xbox One.

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jahcure1779d ago

this would mean the ps4 would start this gen in the lead. That's incredible

Lwhit61779d ago

I think it'll stay in the lead too.
$500 vs $400 is a huge difference for mom and dad when they're out buying their kid a new christmas toy.

C-H-E-F1779d ago

Especially when they ask which console is better, and the sales clerk starts weighing the pros and cons. smh it's going to be sad Holidays for Microsoft.

Lwhit61779d ago

@CHEF meh probably not sad. They'll still make a crap ton of money.

shivvy241779d ago

That must be around 3 million preorders, my one comes on the second shipment between 20-24th dec

Muffins12231779d ago

If we go by your logic every kid should have a $300 wiiu since its a huge difference to mom and dad.

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Blackdeath_6631779d ago

ps4 is also launching in 32 countries as opposed to the XBone's 23 so we can safely say it will stay in the lead for a couple of years

Sevir1779d ago

Not 23... 13!

The other markets for MS hasn't been announced. And likely won't get focus till after the console launches and 2013 comes to a close.

between Nov 15 and Feb 22, 2014
The PS4 will have launched in NA, LA, SA, AUS, Middle East, Greater Europe, UK, Asia , Japan... MS hasn't even Committed to announcing their tier 2 and 3 markets...

Sony is in great shape for launch and 3 million units by Dec 31st would incredible

Blackdeath_6631779d ago

oh damn forgot they were down to 13 too many u-turns and reversals.

thehitman1779d ago

Even though people say competition is good. I felt the most unhappiest last gen when it came to consoles since half my friends were on one system and half on the other. I wish for ps4 dominance so I can take my controller to any friends house and play and vice versa and play online with anyone. Last gen had the most segregation in the gaming community ever I think and I hope this gen will be less like that. MS did a good job pushing Sony this gen but next will be a lot different.

dcj05241779d ago

Same here. Most of my friends had 360 while I had the PS3. They were so jealous of the exclusives lol.

Jaqen_Hghar1779d ago

exactly. PS1 and 2 and NES were dominant and yet no one was complaining and asking for competition then

mistertwoturbo1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )


And this is also why the PS4 will outsell the X1, on top of plenty of other reasons.

"The new console hits U.S. stores on Nov. 15, followed by Europe on Nov. 29, and will reach 32 countries for the holidays. Microsoft’s Xbox One will debut in 13 countries a week later, down from an original target of 21 markets."

Rimeskeem1779d ago

i would honestly say im expecting it to sell 5 million units by this summer

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Mikelarry1779d ago

and me. lol at the people getting it delivered you best get someone at home with you on that day. you dont wanna go to the loo only to come back to your door and see the attempted delivery note the postman leaves behind and when you check when next you can pick it up the item the bastard engraves 48 hours XD

Ares84HU1779d ago

I'm getting it delivered. There is no way in hell I get in line again. I did that with the PS3 and it was the worst experience of my life. The meanest, nastiest people were in that line that I ever seen in my life.

Anyways, I always put a note out for the mailman (USPS, UPS or FedEx) saying that I am home and please ring the bell or knock on the window multiple times if I don't respond at first. Always get my packages this way and guess what...I'll be home on Friday ALL day waiting.

Flipgeneral1779d ago

And I will be with you brother!!


ZBlacktt1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

That's 3 million in a month and a half in other words.

"Andrew House, head of Sony’s game operation worldwide, in September forecast sales of 5 million PS4 units by the company’s fiscal year-end in March."

"Wayne Hickey, a spokesman for Microsoft, declined to comment on the company’s projection for Xbox One sales."

Akuma2K1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

It'll be more than that by Christmas, wouldn't be surprised if sony hit 5 million by February if not sooner.

I'm glad I have mine pre-ordered.

Game4life1779d ago

I'm sure they will but it all depends on production really

Akuma2K1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Yea, if sony can keep up the supply for the demand they'll continue to boost those console sale numbers.

Mr_cheese1779d ago

It is very possible, the momentum Sony has been is incredible. Got mine preordered.

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