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Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts - No Steps Forward and Two Steps Back | RealSG

RealSG: "The problem with Call of Duty: Ghosts is that while nothing was added to the formula, the broken pieces weren't fixed either. Horrible spawn points, buggy multiplayer lobbies, and pop-in textures are more evident than ever. Rather than keep the 'Perk 10' system, it has been replaced by 'Perk Points'. A cumbersome, unnecessarily complex perk system for a game whose focus should be on simplicity." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 55/100

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CaddyLss  +   530d ago
LMAO most of my COD friends are saying that ghost is the best MP so far for COD.. I think they just want me to bite the $60.00 lost like them...LOL ill hold onto BLOP2 for alittle while longer, ive already seen GHOST on craigslist for $45.00 im sure ill find someone to let it go for $35 lol.
BX81  +   530d ago
It could be. If they use dedicated servers for the Xbox one and PS4, and if they fix that horrible spawn system set up. The spawns are the worst I've seen in any game period.
objdadon  +   530d ago
Lol! Cod is dammed if they do or don't! I'm sure if you like cod you will like ghosts. If you don't you won't. They made changes and people aren't satisfied with that! Lol! Just make cod like you always do activision. No need to fix what isn't broken!
Axonometri  +   530d ago
The game is fun. Return of bots is excellent. Play it if you like it, play something else if you don't.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   530d ago
I think ign gave it an 8.8 because their userbase wouldn't understand that 5= average
spicelicka  +   530d ago
i wonder how the developers manage to wake up in the morning knowing they'll remaking the same damn crap today as they've been making for like 5 years.... Then again, maybe they just sleep in because they barely have any work to do...
annus  +   530d ago
Making new levels and content is less repetitive than most peoples jobs, and I'm sure they are all well payed, so I'd say they wake up feeling pretty damn good.
Grimhammer00  +   530d ago
I prestiged one chracter already. It's pretty fun.
I like better than blops2.
It's faster, chaotic in the new modes.
I do feel like there's not enough guns per weapon class
larrym  +   530d ago
Worst COD game ever. And I have all of them since COD2 when the 360 came out in 2005. This series is a waste of time and money, and it can kiss my ass goodbye. I'm done with COD.

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