GTA IV Countdown: Are Video Games Or Movies More Violent? One Expert Analyzes

Deadline Hollywood Daily goes to video game guru Keith Boesky, whose company is responsible for selling the most intellectual property and developers into the game business, to answer the oft-asked question: is there more violence in video games than movies?

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MyNutsYourChin3884d ago

There is nothing to analyze since these are two separate forms of media. One is interactive the other is not. I wish these "expert" douchebags would stop trying to compare two fundamentally different forms of entertainment.

kboesky3884d ago

Dear Mr. Veritanimus,

Thank you for your kind reply. Actually, I got the tag "expert" the same way as I got the tag "douchebag" from you. Someone gave it to me. I think douchebag would be more accurate if I was the one who put expert in front of my name.

The point of the article was to show the hypocrisy of the media who blindly attack games without actually taking the time to review the content. Kind of like what you did relative to the article. I believe we would be in agreement if you read the article. Probably not on the douchebag thing though.

In case it is not clear enough in that article, feel free to read some of these (I don't call myself an expert in any of those either:

Or one of my favorites from another publication:

Capt CHAOS3884d ago

Simply because they are interactive, you, yourself actually take part in performing the violence whilst in a film you are just an observer.

However, as I always say 'Gimme games with Guns anyday'.. And I think games should have a 'splatter rating', so I'm never disappointed. ;-)

solar3884d ago

i think movie companies that make horrible game movies deserve to be treated violently :P

Fux4Bux3884d ago

Movies are way more messed up and violent. I mean the modern horror movie is pretty much completely gorey torture. Kinda pathetic how people always use GTA as the prime example because it's cartoony and mild.

RecSpec3884d ago

Once I read the title I immediately thought of Hostel

bloop3884d ago

Until videogames get to the graphical quality that can actually be mistaken for real life, films are always going to be more violent. You might as well be comparing Hostel to Tom and Jerry.

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