PS4/Vita Remote Play: Two Pics and a Video of Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed IV and Need For Speed

Want to see more on how remote play between PS4 and PS Vita looks like? Here’s how Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed 4 and Need for Speed: Rivals look like.

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Snookies121709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Is the TV showing the footage of the Vita playing? I did not know it could do that. Kinda awesome.

Abriael1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

In this case it's single player. Same footage. It's the beginning of the SP campaign.

In the case of NFS it's multiplayer.

AC4 is single player too.

KUV19771709d ago

So NFS multiplayer is powered for two players by onw ps4, displaying one screen on the tv and the other on the VITA?

Abriael1709d ago

@KUV1977: that's correct.

KUV19771709d ago

Then it is not just correct but also awesome.

Mr_cheese1709d ago

That is great! I love the fact that you can play vs split screen without having to see the other player now!

minimur121708d ago

I think it's so you can play muiltiplayer, like on Knack for example

iJihaD1708d ago

Is it me or the footage has a huge lag? notice once he press the L1 to aim and R1 to shoot with the aiming in screen. :\ Too much!

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GribbleGrunger1709d ago

If anyone wants a list of PS4 games that use this feature and want to take full advantage of it, simply write down every single PS4 games and strike out those that rely on the camera and the MOVE.

badz1491709d ago

PS4 games has the best console version of Multiplats and Remote Play! it's like Crossbuy for all games!

Mikelarry1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

this will be my most used feature of the ps4/ vita. who is with me suffering through " darling xfactor is on tv, can we watch it" even though she has her 27 inch tv apparently there nothing like watching people mysery on a 50inch tv to get the extra pixel of tears

GarrusVakarian1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

"apparently there nothing like watching people mysery on a 50inch tv to get the extra pixel of tears"

Lmao, +funny for making me laugh, so true. Why people spend hundreds or thousands on TVs just to watch Xfactor is beyond me. Yeah, this feature really is a saving grace for some people. I seriously think this is the best and most underrated feature of both next gen consoles.

RedHawk021709d ago

Honestly, remote play looks flawless and sexy.
Sony: We have remote play.
Microsoft: Oh yeah, well we have awesome voice commands.
Customer: Talk to a box or play PS4 games on my PS Vita while taking a crap. This one's a no-brainer.
Microsoft: Well, Kinect can spy on you while you're doing your business.
Customer: Thanks, I've been dying for that feature.

n4gamingm1709d ago

remote play is pretty sick, but not everyone wants to buy a vita on top of a ps4 just do that.
just me but i rather use the ds4 for battlefield 4 i suck at handheld with my giraffe fingers lol

GarrusVakarian1709d ago

Haha "giraffe fingers", i have long fingers too, the Vita is a pain to hold.

Protagonist1708d ago


True; "not everyone wants to buy a vita on top of a ps4 just do that"

But for us who already owns a PS Vita and getting the PS4, this is pure bliss.

RedHawk021708d ago

I agree. Of course not everyone is going to buy one. But I have a Vita already and LOVE this feature. I'm sure Sony will bundle Vita with PS4 in the near future.

farhad2k81708d ago

@n4ggamingm Just saying, but a PS4 plus a second hand PS VITA is still cheaper than the XB1. Plus you don't even have to buy a game, you can play a ton of free to play games including Warframe, Planetside 2 etc.

MusicComposer1708d ago

This sorta defeats the purpose but you can also use the Vita as just a remote play screen and then use a dualshock 4 to control it. Though you must stay within range of the PS4 to use the controller.

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jon12341709d ago

I really really REALLY hope you can play multiplayer through remote play for battlefield, if you can, its gonna be SOOOO cool playing it while i wait for class outside in the fresh air! :D

Pixel_Enemy1709d ago

They say it's recommended to play while at home on your same connection as the PS4 but I plan to try this out and about too. I can tether my phone's 4G that has awesome speeds and have my PS4 plugged into my router to eliminate wifi slowdown. Fingers crossed it works enough to play.

boeso1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

That thought of being able to sit comfortably in bed with the lights off on a portable device and play console games is i n c r e d i b l e

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