Why next-gen graphics matter for Infamous: Second Son

Sony's new PlayStation 4 affords developer Sucker Punch the opportunity to make its Infamous games better looking than ever. But the vast visual upgrade coming with Infamous: Second Son is more than just about throwing better looking particle effects and cool reflections onscreen, says producer Brian Fleming; it's equally meaningful to gameplay.

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The_Ozymandias1773d ago

I can't wait for this game to drop, first post-launch purchase, guaranteed.

GarrusVakarian1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

""solidly at 30 frames per second" on PS4, even when the action gets frantic."

More than happy with that. Considering its a game coming shortly after launch and considering its open world a solid 30fps is good, id take a solid 30 over a framerate that varies between 30 and 60fps any day.

duli141773d ago

Have they said anything about the resolution?

GarrusVakarian1773d ago

No, i presume its going to be 1080p though.

The_Ozymandias1773d ago

Yes they have, 1080P.

"At a confirmed 1080p resolution as well, Sucker Punch's latest is the most polished and CGI-like title on display."


Boody-Bandit1773d ago

Thx for providing that link Ozymandias.
I watched every video pumping myself up even more for the PS4. It seems that almost every game is 1080p on the PS4. Second Son looks and moves amazing. That game is simply staggering. IMO it's the best looking next gen game I've seen thus far.

MidnytRain1773d ago

I'd PREFER it to be a solid 60fps...

GarrusVakarian1773d ago

Of course, me too. But its not absolutely necessary in this type of game. Its a luxury.

SpinalRemains1381773d ago

Choosing Seattle as the games locale, was in itself a very bold move. The city is literally animated most of the time, what w/ rain and reflections everywhere. That's gotta make development more demanding before they even begin.

So far all reports are good though and I am very much looking forward to playing this game. I loved Cole as electric man, but I can adapt :P

strickers1773d ago

Didn't you see the rainy night street pic
Greg Miller posted? Incredible and only an iPhone pic.

SpinalRemains1381773d ago

I don't believe so, but I can imagine the game is riddled with scenery like that pic.

The world becomes animated when it rains and turns into a mirror when it stops.

AC5L4T3R1773d ago

I've tested this game, as recent as last week. I know the storyline and what happens and I can tell you, the graphics are nothing I haven't seen on a PC game 2-3 years ago. Obviously its a prototype, so they could get better. But The graphics are very crisp and no horrible jaggies, which has put me off console gaming ever since I've had the option to get rid of htem on my PC.

sourav931773d ago

You played it? Really? When and where?

MidnytRain1773d ago

"the graphics are nothing I haven't seen on a PC game 2-3 years ago."

The only reason you have disagrees. LMAO

DivineAssault 1773d ago

im kinda happy it got delayed so they can polish it up & make it right.. I dont want rushed products just for the sake of making launch day

sourav931773d ago

It never got delayed because it was never a launch title. It was always a 2014 title.

DivineAssault 1773d ago

Technically your right but it was assumed to be launching with it at the reveal & E3.. It was one of the main games they were showing besides KZ & Knack.. Like i said tho, i dont mind waiting, those 2 games will last me until it releases.. Along w the titles offered on PSN

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