PS4: What an Engraved Console Looks Like

IGN - "We have two PlayStation 4s, and Sony was nice enough to engrave them for us. Come see this vanity come to life!"

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xHeavYx1712d ago

It actually looks pretty cool.

Mikelarry1712d ago

i pity the fool who is brave enough to come with something sharp close to my baby

Thatguy-3101712d ago

I want to engrave mine!!!

HappyWithOneBubble1712d ago

I can engrave it for you. I won't promise you'd get it back though lol.

WeAreLegion1712d ago

I think Sony would see a lot more people ordering these directly from the Sony website if we could engrave them. :)

s8anicslayer1712d ago

I wonder why they don't do that? Apple does it.

GTgamer1712d ago

I want mine engraved it looks awesome.

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