How Deadly Premonition Became A Cult Hit

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''For every triple-A video game there’s a bunch of lower budget (and brow) games. More often than not the lower budget games tend to fall into the bottomless pit of obscurity. From time to time, one of these low budget games somehow manages to break through into the mainstream. This is when things become interesting and cult hits are made. Deadly Premonition is the perfect example of this.''

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SovereignSnaKe1711d ago

~I made this game the Swan Song for my 360, in other words I'm playing it right now. So ridiculous, but I love Twin Peaks and The X-Files and I totally agree, OH-Cult Classic of this Generation! :D

FullmetalRoyale1711d ago

Twin Peaks is, excuse me, a DAMN fine show.

Watch it on Netflix ya'll! lol

I also adore Deadly Premonition. I'll go back eventually to get the platinum.