Gamer Mondays: The Agonizing Wait for Launch

"We’ve all been there before — that long grueling wait before something we’ve coveted for a year is released to the general public . We’ve waited for movies, games, music, consoles, phones, and the list goes on and on. It sucks. " - David Wales

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DivineAssault 1742d ago

Its horrible lol.. I have to work the nx 3 days knowing that my PS4 is at hand so time will DRAG!!! But i have a 4 day weekend starting friday b*tches!

XB1_PS41742d ago

I have been waiting years for this. My friends dad is a doctor, maybe he'll put me in an induced coma until friday.. Hmmm..

DivineAssault 1742d ago

i know some street pharmacists that can help u with that one pal lol

Godhimself_In_3d1742d ago

Yo im going through it over here i can't sleep or eat. I swear everyday gets slower and slower. All i can't think of is ps4.

L-DOT-_REAPER_1742d ago

i feel you, feel like im in a bad episode of twilight zone

Silly Mammo1742d ago

Just received an email from Amazon that my first PS4 game will arrive tomorrow. Friday needs to get here!

kingxtreme811742d ago

This week will be long for me. On Friday, however, it will all be worth it with the launch of PS4.

Next week will be easier to stomach because, as I wait to buy the Xbox One next Friday, I will have PS4 to keep me company.

Take some time from the harsh and ugly comments on this and various other sites and stop to realize the awesomeness that is upon us. In mere days the next generation of gaming begins. New hardware, new IP, new ideas, a new start for gaming.

What an incredibly exciting time to be a gamer.

0ut1awed1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

What a positive outlook you have! I'll admit that we need more of this for gaming, especially sites like this.

Bathyj1742d ago

PS4 This is maddening.
I cant PS4 sleep.
My PS4 eyes are blurry.
PS4 I cant work.
I PS4 cant think straight PS4 .
PS4 not eating.
I keep PS4 saying one thing when I meant to say another PS4 thing.
Launch PS4 day cant PS4 get here soon enough PS4 .

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