PS4 Countdown: The Vast Array of Future Exclusives

Gaming Union: "With the PlayStation 4 out in the next few days, we’re now entering into the next step of our countdown journey. So far, we’ve taken a look at the launch line-up, how the PS4 will work with the PS Vita and the console’s social features. So what better time to talk about upcoming exclusives?"

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Zeruel1713d ago

Great read. Few titles on there that I hadn't considered or seen any info on yet.

DivineAssault 1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

i didnt know daylight was an exclusive.. awesomeness! Sony is king of home consoles.. I dont care if u think its fanboy or not.. They cant be F**K** with!

Akuma2K1713d ago

Daylight looks like an interesting game, definitely gonna pick this up to go along with The Evil Within game.

I think survival horror and horror games in general will make a comeback in this next gen, the power of the consoles will allow developers to do much more than they ever imagined possible and scare us gamers in ways we've never been scared before.