Here’s How a PS4 Demo Unit Looks as it Glitches, Gets Hard Reset, Does Safe Mode Check and Boots Up

Console demo units lead a harsh life. Not only they have to run non final, often glitchy software and a makeshift user interface that has very little to to with the final one, but they also get to run all day for twelve hours a day in the hands of store clerks with little training on how to use and maintain them.

The PS4 demo station you’re going to see here is one of such units, and in the video you can check out below, courtesy of YouTube user Patrick B, it’s indeed having a hard time. First it glitches, remaining stuck in the Knack demo with the players unable to get back to the dashboard. Then the GameStop clerk unceremoniously gives it a hard reset, and it finally boots up after a safe mode check.

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GTgamer1776d ago

Ummmm isnt that the demo unit :/

thekhurg1776d ago

Hey look, tiny plastic case with a PS4 shoved in it!

Abriael1776d ago

This doesn't look like a heating issue. Probably more a faulty software issue (it's demos after all) or mishandling.

Blackdeath_6631776d ago

that is a dummy the actual PS4 is under and like @Abriael said it is a software issue if you look at the UI that demo preview mode is only available for display units its not the actual playstation dynamic menu that will be used for retail copies

Mike134nl1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

yeah actual console is behind/under the actual display unit.

BBBirdistheWord1776d ago

It could well be an overheating issue.

We have seen that the ps4 is prone to overheating in small enclosed spaces and this appears to be a small enclosed space.

This has got me strongly concerned.

Gamers in the real world will be placing their ps4 in their small, enclosed TV cabinets.

Won't that create the same problems?

hakeem09961776d ago

go ahead blame the clerk

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Ezz20131776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

"Here’s How a **PS4 Demo Unit** Looks"

hmmmmm, did you read the title by any chance?

GTgamer1776d ago

The first time it was uploaded they changed title so yeah not my fault.

PirateKing1776d ago

Well isn't someone a genius...smfh.

hello121776d ago

With it being so close to launch. This is likely a retail console been demoed at this store. Sony is no longer using devkits.

Mosiac771776d ago

Nothing that a day one patch wouldn't fix. same for XB1. both are going to have many patches to fix bugs as they are found. I havent yet bought anything that have been perfect on day one.

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georgenancy1776d ago

^^^^man, people really need to learn how to read

MorePowerOfGreen1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

That was crazy people were trying to falsely report/censor this article. DualShockers has been more fair than big media on its positive and negative coverage of both consoles.


"Eh, there's nothing really "negative" here"

Well that's your opinion. I've seen PS4 have problems at all major events they all seem different like the console is unstable with the TGS crash being the most talked about. IMO the Multi tasking capabilities PS4 is trying to pull off will show some *things* in the near future.

Abriael1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Eh, there's nothing really "negative" here. Electronics can fail. To deny it is to stick your head in the sand. Electronics put in demo conditions for 12 hours a day every day, handled by store clerks with no maintenance training are more on a "when" they'll fail than on a "if" they'll fail basis.

If I had a dollar for every PS3 and XBox 360 demo units failed at my local gamestop (the manager is a friend, so he tells me this kind of stuff), and I mean broken, not just glitched like this, in the last few years, I'd be 20 bucks richer.

Ju1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Yeah, Knack crashed. That's what happened. You are out in full force today, aren't you, Green?

First: I mean, it takes long to load, because it actually loads the demo catalog - that is not the usual PS4 UI. Notice the game real with demos to run.

And 2nd: The DS4 needs to be turned on. Another user-error-99. Really. Press the PS button before it "links" to the system and it will connect just fine.

HDD check is a regular filesystem integrity check performed when you hard shut down the Playstation during gameplay. It's actually quite fast. Controller switches off in that case, too.

Niv1776d ago

That's a very fast boot!

hello121776d ago

Man that was slow bootup. The PS4 should not be concealed like, that either. The Store should be more careful. Stores can get very hot with lots of people.

famoussasjohn1776d ago

I don't understand why they can't just create a latch system that just locks the system in place that doesn't restrict airflow.

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