Super Mario 3D World - Be Together TV Spot

Nintendo released another tv commercial for Super Mario 3D World.

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ZodTheRipper1778d ago

The marketing budget for this game must over 9000.

But this is definately one of Nintendo's better commercials.

DarthZoolu1778d ago

I do want to play this but what am I gonna do after the two days it will take to beat this? Put a dust cover on my wii u so it can survive another 6 months of not being played. Lol I got my Wii U from a friend with 3 kids. He said they haven't even realised that it is gone. They play with their 360 and iPhones the most. So I got it. I will buy just about anything for $100

BullyMangler1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

lol before trying to troll Nintendo maybe you should go look up the term " HIGH RE-play value "

Nintendo always with games like Arcade Machines. a quarter per play.

DarthZoolu1778d ago

OK lets say I do replay it. After I beat it 3 times in one week then what? Do I play it again?
LOL REPLAY VALUE? Nintendo games have no replay value! I beat games all the way the first time. Its not like you can replay any Nintendo game with a different play style. Take Skyrim I can play that like a stealth game. I can play a big two handed tank. I can be a Wizard if I want. Games with replay value usually allow you to do things different the second time around, there is no doing anything different the second time with any Wii or Wii U game. Are you even serious? I repeat, say I do replay it. After I beat it 3 times in one week then what? Do I play it again?

ritsuka6661778d ago

Nintendo is really being serious in this game.

LOL_WUT1778d ago

DAT iconic theme song! ;)

DialgaMarine1778d ago

And DAT... Pretty much sums why Nintendo sucks nowadays.

WeAreLegion1778d ago

What a horrible commercial. This game is going to be so much fun though!!! It really feels like a return to form for Mario. Can't wait to get it.

miklo841778d ago

Getting this on release day, for my kids, for Xmas and I can't wait for them to open it up so we can play.