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The seven big little details we love about the PlayStation 4

Having spent the last year using the PlayStation 4 at trade shows and press events, we've got a fairly good idea of how games look and play on the parallelogram-shaped game box. The questions that remain largely revolve around living with the device: can it quickly switch between apps and games? how stable is online play? is voice chat clear? That kinda thing. (Next-Gen, PlayStation, PS4, Sony)

allformats  +   630d ago
My personal favorite is DualShock 4's share button. Second personal favorite is being able to watch my friends play their games, and jump in on the action if they need help.

Sony overdid themselves this time around.

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OlgerO  +   630d ago
I really like that you will be able to see what percentage of people actually got a trophy.
captain_slow82  +   630d ago

this said it perfect on how i see it :D
Conzul  +   630d ago
When the SHARE button can save a copy locally or to a local network, **then** I'll agree that Sony outdid themselves this time :)
Lwhit6  +   630d ago
My personal favorite is the DS4's touch pad. I don't care if some people think it's "gimmicky" I'm still very intrigued by it and cant wait to see it implemented into more games.
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jeffgoldwin  +   628d ago
Touch pad will inevitably turn out to be a gimmick like all other touch/movement controls. However the larger ds4 controller a welcome change.
IcicleTrepan  +   630d ago
what, they renamed the select button and you got all worked up? :P
G20WLY  +   630d ago
Please don't belittle this excellent new feature. Innovation should be championed and enjoyed.

Also, Health Warning: Too much salt is bad for you, friend... ;P
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   630d ago
>Party Chat works across entire system and all apps, 8 people per lobby, but you can make MORE THAN ONE LOBBY!

They just took party chat to a whole other level. :O Wonder how many active lobbies you can have going on at the same time and can people chat with people in the different lobbies?
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Kayant  +   630d ago
Man the amount of times I wished something like this was on my X360.... Great to see Sony has improved on that concept.
Sadist3  +   630d ago
And Sony is still keeping quiet on their online stability. Talk to us about the stuff that matters, not trophies, not vita, what's up with the online infrastructure? In the end, that's the make or break point in determining which games I'll get for which system.
Battlefieldlover  +   630d ago
The battlefield multiplayer videos are on PSN. Looks pretty "stable" to me.
Kakashi Hatake  +   630d ago
Because current PS3 PSN is just so buggy for multiplayer, right?
TomahawkX  +   630d ago
If you watch the original PS4 reveal Dave Perry talked about building the fastest global network ever made. Right now they are focused on streaming games everywhere with Gaikai but who knows, that infrastructure might be used to improve online gaming as well. Just because they aren't talking about it 24/7 doesn't mean they aren't working on it.
Kayant  +   630d ago
Especially considering how they have talked about things like play as you download.

Their network simply can't be slow or inadequate or things like these won't work & there will be a big shitstorm.
iceman06  +   630d ago
Stability, as you termed it, has really never been an issue for ME on PSN. The only real issue, IMO, is that it wasn't as integrated as the XBLN. Devs often "struggled" to get games running smoothly. But, that was because they actually had to program it all.
Of course, speed is relative to your connection (as I have friends that had variable speeds when we were waiting for patches). Other than that, it's been a nice ride. I definitely wouldn't mind them beefing up stuff. But, even as is, simply playing on the network is not a problem.
ShinMaster  +   630d ago
lol, grasping
BABY-JEDI  +   630d ago
I'm sort of disappointed that it isn't making my breakfast aswell.
: (
Though I must admit these features are pretty KOol
SpiralTear  +   630d ago
You can charge USB devices and controllers with the PS4 when it's not on.

That's such a small inclusion, but yes, it's really important. Thank you, Sony!
Lwhit6  +   630d ago
USB 3.0 too! It'll charge my Note 3 blazing fast!
jeffgoldwin  +   628d ago
I wouldn't recommend doing that all the time from a console or pc. If you want a real fast charge, they sell faster chargers now. They have higher amps. Just bought one at the sprint store last month.

Acquiescence  +   630d ago
Trophy rarity statistics!
Now I can proudly show off the fact that I'm one of only 11 people in the world who got the platinum for El Shaddai. Man, the chicks are gonna flock to me now.
JakemanPS31994  +   630d ago
One step closer to fully integrated leaderboard! :D
SkippyPaccino  +   630d ago
Wow! I know where the xbots are hiding... Engadget.com lol! By the comments I've read 90% of them are xbots bragging about how good the 360 is compared to the PS4. Lol! It's going to be funny when they finally get the memo that the PS4 is new cool kid on the block and they are backing the wrong horse in this new console race..."hey kids I've been reading Engadget.com and I bought you the Xbox One for Christmas. Am I not the coolest dad? How cool am I?" (kids look at him with disgust) you ruin Christmas Dad! No wonder mom left you...
Conzul  +   630d ago
if I had bubbles for "Dark", they'd be all yours lol.

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