Elop To Kill Xbox As Microsoft CEO? Or Do Dark Forces Seek To Undermine Him?

Microsoft is looking for a new CEO. But the candidate said to be the favorite is also said to be considering spinning off the Xbox business. Yes, Stephen Elop was recently channeled by deep-throated rumor-mongers as thinking the unthinkable.

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ZodTheRipper1468d ago

Dark forces = investors

But they'd do the right thing in the end, make room in the console war for a more gaming focused company.

pacostacos1468d ago

did you read the article?

ZodTheRipper1468d ago

Nah, iust stated my opinion on it. It won't happen anyway, Microsoft would lose the battle for the living room by disbanding the Xbox brand.

nasnas761468d ago

typical Sony fanboy, doesn't read the article and only here to troll

2cents1468d ago

“We appreciate Bloomberg’s foray into fiction and look forward to future episodes,” said Frank Shaw, a spokesman for Microsoft.


come_bom1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Microsoft wants to take over the living room, so if they sell the Xbox division, then their goes their chance.

GT671468d ago

After investors make a final judgment to vote him in as CEO lets wait and see if he do end xbox life.

Bigpappy1468d ago

I know investors can get you fired, but the board at M$ usually picks the CEO. This guy is a minority share holder himself who just recently made it onto the board. Getting to that point, made a lot of people think he is making a push to be CEO. I would just say I think it is very difficult to buy yourself a CEO job at M$. Those board members are very powerful and very smart. I think Bill Gates is still a strong voice in the company also. If he still has influence, Xbox will remain a part of M$. Xbox has been in the black for sometime despite what that analyst rumored about losses.

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hello121468d ago

This been debunked by Microsoft. Why is this been brought up again?

BitbyDeath1468d ago

Cause they didn't physically debunk it, like always MS never said directly that it won't happen. Just that it is fiction since Elop is not yet in charge.

BBBirdistheWord1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Yeah, so MS said this story was 'fiction'.

That seems pretty well debunked.

But not on n4g. Ooooh no.

Fanboys believe whatever they want, as long as there is an anonymous rumour referencing another anonymous rumour.

Funny how this logic does not apply to PS4 overheating issues...

BitbyDeath1468d ago

Or you are just reading what you want to hear.
Forbes is not some 2-bit website.

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Agent11468d ago

Because N4G is famous to run Negative Xbox Article, regardless if it's been repeated a 1000 times.

psDrake1468d ago

Elop was at Microsoft before leaving for CEO position at Nokia.

He made a crucial choice between Android and Microsoft for Nokia smartphones...We know how that decision turned out.

Then Microsoft bought out Nokia's headset division and Elop leaves...Now he is an option again ?


BitbyDeath1468d ago

He didn't leave MS, his current position title is 'Vice President of Devices & Services'

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1468d ago

You would be suprised actually to how well Nokia lumia devices are selling each year Windows phone market share has increased and Nokia owns 90% of the Windows phone market. In parts of Europe Windows phone outsells IOS and android I don't know why they don't sell well everywhere because they are generally really good phones well the Nokia ones are anyway

iamnsuperman1468d ago

It was a sneaky hostile takeover. Nokia has some good things and Microsoft needed a way in to push their operating system (They were struggling with a Trojan Horse). They may sugar coat the whole thing as a "strategic partnership" but the whole situation wreaks of a hostile takeover (a clever one at that)

MorePowerOfGreen1468d ago

I thought MSFT said this talk of killing off xbox was bullsh!t. Thought I seen that on reddit.

Grimhammer001468d ago

MS are liars. So in the future...when you feel the urge to defend MS by using any ANY statement made by them....please refrain. It holds 0% weight.

As far as my feelings - I want MS to stay in the race. They only help motivate Sony to be better.

But in all other areas besides gaming MS might be ok - except Apple or Google does entertainment better.

So, unless you really must play Halo....I'm not really sure why an educated buyer would get an Xbone.

come_bom1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Hate much!

Be careful, you sound very stressed.

gamer20131468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Umm... better launch line-up, better online and more functionality?

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