Next-Gen Starts Next Year: Why I’m Waiting

Kory McGaughey discusses the impending releases of the PS4 and Xbox One, and why it might be worth waiting until next year to pick them up.

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Abash1653d ago

Sorry but next gen starts November 15th

fluffydelusions1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Yep. I've a gaming PC so I've been enjoying great graphics for a while but still super excited for Friday. Picking my PS4 up at midnight

Jahbu1653d ago

Same here fluffydelusions! Here's to good times!

PeaSFor1653d ago

been gaming on pc all my life, same thing on consoles and the next-gen start nov15 no matter what Kory McGaughey think.

Ashunderfire861653d ago

Same here with Killzone Shadowfall for $30 dollars(Promo deal), and a free Battlefield 4 game with a PS4 on November 15th. Greatness awaits!

nirwanda1653d ago

Next gen starts when your console of choice launches, why wait for games to improve when you can have better now.
As for pc gamers I bet they are thankful last gen isn't dragging its heals any longer and dragging graphics down on pc ports.

CGI-Quality1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Next Gen started with the release of the WiiU (or did we forget that little box existed)?

Next year, the "current gen" (at that point) will be better represented!

ZBlacktt1653d ago

While you wait, we'll be over here smiling from ear to ear. Then when you do come around, we'll be already here getting those games as well.

LOGICWINS1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

He'll be smiling as well. He'll be getting the same games you've been playing for months at a discount later on. He can also accumulate PS Plus titles via his online account and play them whenever he decides to get a PS4.

ZBlacktt- There are other forms of entertainment in life besides gaming. The "issues" you listed don't apply to most people.

"Trying not to let each persons joy get to you..."

ZBlacktt1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Smiling trying to avoid spoilers, avoid millions of others posting about how awesome the console is. Those same PS Plus titles that everyone will already have because they own the PS4 and will have PS Plus ( since it's needed then for online ). There is no benefit to waiting other then your just not interested right now.

Funny, you edited your post after I did mine, lol. Anything can be added as forms of entertainment. But then we are getting off the subject of gaming and what this site is about. But yeah, everybody will do as they see fit and nothing wrong with that.

JimmyDM901653d ago

With the 3 for 2 deals they've got going on each launch game adds up to about 40$. That's probably what they'll cost sometime next year except early adopters will have the advantage of playing those games first. I'm guessing since there will be fewer games on each next gen console prices will take longer to drop. I imagine it won't be until fall (August at the earliest) that we start to see some of the annual titles significantly discounted (like 29.99 and under) so game price could very well be a moot point for awhile.

PeaSFor1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

because building a backlog is really a good thing for a gamer....right? RIGHT?

Nope, better start this week, we will have a lot of things to do, no time to waste.

Ju1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Why wait? If you get it anyway, and the games cost the same, why not get it on the PS4 if you can? Tough choice if you have the option to get AC4 for PS4 or PS3, eh?

That's what I'm gonna do. And what I can't get there, I can still game on the PS3 - but I actually have to rather plan this out because I can't get them all in the next 2-3 month. Man gotta live, too, no?

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sigfredod1653d ago

Killzone shadow fall say he is wrong

Destrania1653d ago

I'd rather not wait months to play the amazing games I get to play in 4 days.

gillri1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

I got the ME trilogy to play again, Bioshock Infinite DLC, TLOU to play again and its DLC, Deus EX HR to play again, amongest others. Im just not done with this gen just yet and I want to be fully done when I move on

Ill go next gen next Xmas and get it with a proper next gen title like Uncharted 4...hopefully

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The story is too old to be commented.